Saturday, March 31, 2007

Shutting Down for a short while

Whilst they use my office for one of the party goers to stay over - nice of them to tell me after it had all been arranged by them!

Logging off but back tomorrow

The Waft of Party Food

All I can smell are sausages and the like being prepared in the Kitchen - the little apprentice human beings have offered me a couple to try but so far I have resisted. I have escaped up to the office but will now go and lock myself tortoise like into the back room.


So I just got an e-mail.

"DaDaer sir
we got your name and your addres true internet that you are one of exporter of used shoes an clothes and we are one of lmporter in our local market we only been buying from uk companys.pls can we know the wey you uperate both your price even am now in uk"

Nasty stutter at the start?

So I've suggested that they write to me as they have my "addres" - whatever that may be :-)

Party Tonight

Not mine - my little baby is 17 soon so she and her apprentice human being friends are around tonight banishing me to the back room and perhaps the kitchen.

All is looking set fair, cakes is made, food is beginning to be cooked and prepared and all valuables and things that could be knocked over are moved, next door neighbours have been warned to expect a bit of noise and to complain if it gets too bad. perhaps I should have paid for them to go out for the night?

More worrying than having a party is that Driving Lessons also start in a day or so too. Not for me for her!

Cheered Myself up

I just cooked a really neat soup for lunch using Water Cress. Really easy to make although trying to find Water Cress is a nightmare. You can get it in packets but not loose anymore.

I beginning to sound like my parents reminiscing about getting stuff in newspaper - although I remember going to the shops for my Mum with a bag and getting x Lbs of potatoes tipped into the shopping bag. If the Greengrocer missold anything to my brother or me - mum would be around there and give him what for as I remember. We had the treat then on spending a few pence on sweets - much to the delight of my Dentist I imagine.

Anyway get down to Waitrose and pick up a copy of the recipe or perhaps from their web site. It was really good.

Additionally, the latest from the kitchen is that bread consumption has gone down 75% as had cheese too. We have had to throw out some Ham we bought last week as it is past it's use by date. Also we are having to replenish the fruit bowl three times a week now.

As you can probably tell I am feeling 100% better than I was earlier - I have no idea why wearing a stupid piece of kit should have made me feel as ill as I did? Now I feel fine - stupid, really stupid.

Bloody Typical

I just ran a set of tests on my BP monitor here. I'd verified that it was reasonably accurate yesterday as it was within a few percent of the larger BP monitor.

Back to normal readings. Not happy about that of course. I'm also feeling a hell of a lot better, less tight across the chest and easing down.

I think I may have to take up tai chi or some such relaxation stuff to see if that might work, I don't want to take tablets if I can help it. I might have a word with a friend of mine who is a hypnotherapist and see if he can help.

I can go and stand in front of hundreds of people and talk, I do loads of things confidently but get me within a 100 metres of a Hospital or the GP and my body goes into nervous meltdown.

The only thing that comes near this are those famous words

"Dad, can I have....?"

Over for now

I really found that an unpleasant experience - I know it was only a blood pressure monitor but, I have been wound up about wearing it and I can still feel how stressed I am even though I have just taken it off. Sounds stupid I know but whether it was the spying nature of it or the uncomfortable nature of it I don't know.

I'm sure it didn't help knowing I am back in on Monday for pre-assessment. It's all a bit deja vu - I just hope I can keep my BP down well enough then. Knowing what happened last time isn't actually going to help either. Actualy got to wander over there now and give this back.

I lose all my common sense and upbeat outlook when I go to these places. It's just the way I am.

Friday, March 30, 2007

Not such a good day

I can't stand this thing attached to me, it keeps going off and squeezes really tight and I might as well throw my BP Monitor in the bin reading the measurements this one is recording.

I really haven't felt well all day either - no doubt that is stress too and getting the letter and having to go through assessment again on Monday. At least it is an early operation on the 11th by the looks of things as I'll have to be there at 7:45.

I'll see what the night brings apparently this little baby only acts like a Boa Constrictor every hour instead of half hour at night. Thoughtfully it bleeps to let you know what it is about to do and then pumps up and does it stuff. I can imagine sleeping through it's asthmatic ritual will wake me up too.

I just checked my own BP monitor - it too is reading high. I wouldn't mind - I'm normally 20 or 30 points lower than this. Damn!

I Guessed that would have to happen

Got the letter to go in for pre-assessment on Monday. Do you think that they'll have the results back from the tests by then?

So am I a little stressed? You bet. I am going to go and just sit down for a short while and take things easy and then I can wander over to the Hospital a little later.

You couldn't invent timing like this - if it were in a film script it would be unbelievable.

30 minutes later

Having given the cross trainer a thrashing I'm feeling a bit better now and not quite so tight. I'll take a cool down, have a shower and very slowly get on with my day. It is pretty clear, I have to pop to the Post Office either on the way there or on the way back - it depends what the queue is like. I can then wander up to the Hospital at a slower rate than I did last time so that I arrive there relaxed rather than half out of breath, heart pounding and BP up.

The rest of the day is taking it easy really I have a couple of minor chores on the PC to sort out but other than that easy is the name of the game.

Spent a horrible night

Awake most of the time, dreaming or recollecting going into Hospital, wheeled down to theatre and reliving the yuk bits and there was no way I could get that out of my mind. I tried the old listen to music trick - nothing and I finally got to sleep in the early hours.

Perhaps it was posting the BCG stuff yesterday or finally realising how serious things are. I don't think I have been kidding myself but then again, perhaps that is how I am getting through it like I am.

I certainly don't need to be wound up and stressed out going to have my blood pressure monitored now do I?

Right - this off my mind for a moment I shall go and do my exercises.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Getting Wired Up

Tomorrow - 11:30 - what kind of time of day is that? I suppose I could walk back from the Hospital past the pub but I'd better not :-)

I suppose it will prove one way or the other whether I've got blood in my alcohol stream or vice versa and indeed whether there is actually any blood at all - some have expressed the belief that it was anti freeze all along.

We will find out soon no doubt. Talking of which I haven't had the letter to go back in yet - might get it tomorrow.

It is annoying that by now I would almost have had my results if it hadn't been cancelled the first time.

The report was well worth reading too

This was the report and it's "sort of" OK - these are the sorts of things that are pretty good reading if you read it one way and not so good if you read it another way. May I suggest you read as I would in an optimistic fashion - thank you:

"Bacille Calmette-Guérin (BCG) is an effective conservative treatment for managing patients with Stage T1 high-grade bladder cancer, say investigators. In their study of 78 patients with the condition, who were initially treated by transuretheral resection (TUR), adjuvant BCG was effective in around two thirds of individuals.

"TUR alone is associated with a high rate of recurrence and progression to muscle invasion and is clearly not curative in 40% to 60% of patients," note David Margel (Rabin Medical Center, Petah Tiqwa, Israel) and colleagues."Early cystectomy, although offering the best chance of cure, would probably constitute overtreatment in many cases. Consequently, most urologists favor initial TUR of all visible tumor and adjuvant intravesical treatment.

"The researchers investigated the long-term outcome of patients with Stage T1 high-grade transitional cell carcinoma of the bladder who received TUR followed-by intravesicle BCG. Patients received initial 6 weekly instillations of BCG, with half of the patients receiving at least a further seven monthly instillations. Among the 78 patients treated, 34 (44%) were still alive after a median follow-up of 107 months (range 16 to 238 months).

Among the 44 patients who died, 32 died from causes other than bladder cancer. A total of 27 (35%) patients experienced a recurrence of their condition. Most recurrences occurred in the first year after treatment, at 55%. Progression was seen in 14 (18%) patients, 12 of whom died from their disease. The team reports in the journal Urology that the overall 2-, 5-, and 10-year recurrence-free survival rates following treatment were 76%, 72%, and 62%, respectively.

The corresponding rates for progression-free survival were 92%, 82%, and 80%.The disease-free survival rates were 99% at 2 years, 90% at 5 years, and 85% at 10 years."BCG is an effective conservative treatment of patients with Stage T1 high-grade bladder cancer," the researchers conclude.

They add: "More than one half the recurrences appeared within the first year, but a small risk remains throughout the patient's life."Progression during follow-up appears to carry a high risk of cancer-specific death."

Free abstract:

MedWire: Urology

When you go for BCG

This is what I try not to look at. This picture just arrived with some more information on BCG. Actually there is a bit more here than I have and the syringe on this one looks wrong as the one I have is much bigger than that and all the valves and bits aren't on mine. But anyway, as a guide, now can you see why my blood pressure would go through the roof and equally why I don't look and take a stress ball in with me? Thought you would :-)

Exercises Back on

I got back to exercising this morning and the rashes on my legs have faded right down so not sure what all that was about but at least I can get back to keeping fit and dropping the weight off.

I'm still doing the 30 minutes with 3 x 10 minute programmes but I have upped the programme to do 1 easy one followed by two harder ones with far more resistance on them. Once I get to the point when they become easy I will switch to a couple of the really hard programs - the one that looks like the ascent of Everest was particularly difficult I remember. So I will try and get to 30 minutes on the harder programmes and then after that perhaps increase the time.

Despite now having the new date

and feeling a little uneasy about it - because after all you do start to build yourself up to these sorts of things - I don't feel too bad, I'm still feeling as good as I did earlier this week and pretty much full of vim and vigour (there's a phrase you don't hear that much these days).

I am also hoping that whilst I might be heavier than I was last year I am actually a lot fitter and so I hope that it will help me to recover quickly. I think that I will have the same ground rules as last time which include not driving for a week. I'll probably not be allowed to exercise either in that case. It seems perverse that to check that I am OK will mean that I'll be bleeding again and need to take it easy.

Safety Valve

I think I blew that last night a bit. I was a bit more extrovert than normal and a little louder too.

The pressures of the past few weeks and the delays, more tests, life style changes and then getting the news to go in in less than two weeks meaning the delay probably wasn't necessary all add to the stress of living with something like Cancer.

It really is difficult not to react like this occasionally - sometimes you just want to scream but of course you don't. The trouble with bottling it up is that you lash out somewhere else and most often inappropriately. Alternatively you get slightly loose like last night.

Update on Pottassium Sorbate

It looks OK then - there is an article about it here

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Potassium Sorbate

For goodness sake what is that? I bought myself some dried figs and they have Potassium Sorbate in them. Now I know Potassium is good for me but hold on a minute, isn't sorbate something to do with salt?

I am going to spend a few hours tomorrow working out what this is before I dare eat it. I actually think it is OK for me but I need to make cure that I don't eat something that externally appears good for me (Dried Green Figs) only to find out that I am whacking up my salt intake in so doing!

It is so difficult working out what is and is not good to eat.

Interesting Evening

I ran a networking evening and it was well attended but I felt that I didn't circulate as well as I could have and sort of left four groups of people networking together when perhaps, as organiser, I should have made them mingle? I'm not sure about that and perhaps I ought to let serendipity take a hand rather than try and make things happen?

The strangest thing was that those who should have turned up and were down as certainties didn't and those who said they might do actually did turn up!

How strange.

Anyway - I did enjoy the evening even if I was getting a little bit more outrageous than normal towards the end! I think as it is my last evening of drinking for a while - perhaps I got too advanced even for myself!

I know it's..

Anger and "I told you so" that is going through my mind right now.

All this bloody hassle and I told them that this was what it was. We didn't need to go through all of this again as it was in my notes. It just makes you furious doesn't it?

Oh well, calm down - I am not doing my blood pressure any good my getting angry about it.

How Silly

To get wound up over this. I'm thinking I need "any excuse" these days to be gloomy - or put upon. It is easy to get into that frame of mind "It always happens to me" and I'm going to have to live with this (I hope) for a very long time so I'd just better get used to it I suppose. I'll be doing the paranoia and conspiracy theory bit next!

On the up side - the job market seems to be good, I'm getting some good quality local work posted to my inbox and I've actually decided today to go for a few of them and get back into interview practice and into working for a living mode. I'm banking on everything being clear - how else can I picture it? If that is the case and I go in on the 11th then I will come out on the 12th and have a few days off - then I would have 2 to 3 weeks before going in and hearing the news and then perhaps a week after that a three week course of BCG. Which would take me to about the end of May (Monaco Grand Prix weekend) and that would mean a November 6 month cysto and another 3 BCGs. Believe it or not this is positive thinking. What that would mean is that every May and November from then onwards I'd have a cysto and a course of BCG up to a certain number of years then I think the period between changes to 9 months, 12 months etc.

All on Edge Again Now

Blast it, I am all wound up again following this news. It's all back to slowly psyching myself up for the operation - I suppose they will want another assessment (Oh gee wont that be fun).

That has really put a wobble into my day and made me feel all sort of mildly stressy! Typical.

Breaking News

My Consultant is back off Holiday. Ahem...... 11th April looks to be the date they want me in. Anesthetist will come and talk to me or review my notes.

Lucky that my Blood Pressure readings will be available to them after this weekend then isn't it?

Apparently a letter is in the post giving me further details. It is lucky that I didn't book to go away for Easter I suppose.

I suppose the really good thing is that my Blood Pressure readings are still coming down - this morning they have all been way under where they have been. I have to say that I am still a little shocked at the phone call I've just had and you have to believe this - my Blood Pressure has just gone back up again :-) The merest thought of Hospital did that!

This is a lot earlier than I thought I'd get seen and it doesn't clash with anything unless they have to operate in which case it might affect something I was planning on doing later in early May.

Walked there and back

It is a fair distance to the supermarket and back. A bit of a shock, I bought myself loads of fruit, some veg, some low fat cheese and a pint of milk and no change out of a £20 note! That is a lot of money for stuff that is good for you. I could have got 20 MacDonald's for that.... Well, er, maybe not. I remember doing some work at MacDonald's, Wendy and Wimpy and my clothes stunk of burger grease. Yuk!

What on earth is that?

I have rashes around my ankles and on the back of my calf muscles. I decided not to exercise this morning but have washed the areas and put some cream on - please don't tell me I have become allergic to beer? How bad would that be :-)

It is probably something quite simple. So to get some form of exercise in I am going to walk to the supermarket and by myself some fruit. I never thought I'd hear myself say that!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

It's Amazing

How nostalgic nostalgia can be?

Tonight I was out with a bunch of old school mates and we were in a pub that - collectively - we hadn't been in for 26 years. In fact it was a Stag night all those years ago and all the old stories came tumbling out. Isn't it amazing how one story trips another and things locked away suddenly come to the fore and you just laugh like drains at the absolute foolishness of youth? OK maybe not then :-) We had a great time and suddenly things that were forgotten were surfaced and they were so much funnier now than they were then. If I tell you that we were talking here about spectacles and condoms, my white silk tie stuffed in an old brown ale bottle, stolen plant pots and short cuts, cross country in motor cars that weren't designed for that you may perhaps get the picture. The bad part is that until some of these subjects were actually mentioned, many of us had hidden these memories for 25+ years!!! Whoops..

We had a lovely evening and our once a month "lads night out" is so much pleasure that it would be a shame not to continue it.

There is something very therapeutic about being out with guys you have known since pre-puberty and I always marvel that we have stayed friends (through thick and thin) from school right up to today. I am really blessed with such a nice bunch of friends. As I approach the 50 year landmark I doubt many people can count on two hands the people they went to school with as best buddies?

I couldn't tell you what I have just done

I have been sat here at the PC fiddling with some accounts, knocking out some e-mails and generally sorting bits out and reminding people about an event tomorrow and most of the afternoon has disappeared - I was shocked to see what the time is already.

Today, for the first time I haven't felt beholden to my old company and in exactly three weeks my time with them is up. 17th April and that is it. Well almost of course, I might be working back there again. Who knows - who cares?

Time to switch on some mood music and try and work out what on earth I have done to the accounts I am working on.

What a Great Day

Sun is out and shining bright, it is reasonably warm for March, I have done my exercises, I feel great and my blood pressure is down again.

I now need to match and attach my feelings of well being to getting on with some of the work I have outstanding and then perhaps I can press on and get some of these things completed.

I feel better than I have felt for years - and I do mean years, perhaps 5 or more. I certainly hit a malaise after 9/11 especially as the business sector I was in was severely hit by the slow down. Perhaps it was the cancer gradually building in me? Who knows.

I also hadn't really appreciated quite how sideways bladder cancer had knocked me both physically and mentally until I look back on it. I'm not back on track fully by any means but I am a lot better, stronger mentally, fitter physically and more positive in outlook than even a few weeks ago.

Monday, March 26, 2007

My Friend's Stress Levels

Must be going through the roof. He is due in for a new valve replacement in his Heart and he was put off a day or two after me. We were both meant to be going in on the 19th March. He still hadn't heard when he was going in and was phoning today to see if there was a bed for him.

It must be terribly frustrating for him and I feel for him knowing what I am like and mine is a simple operation without joining the "Zipper Club" He has a serious operation and long recovery and thinking on it and worrying about it cannot be doing him very much good at all.

This is what I find distressing and I was talking to someone else who had gotten all the way down to theatre just to be told that the Operation was cancelled. If that had happened to me I'd probably freak out completely, all the build up to the Op and (I think I've described it before in this blog) the actual moment of being wheeled down on the meat wagon.

It is stressful enough having to go in to Hospital (go on show me someone who likes it?) and to have the stress of ringing up each day at noon to see if they are ready for you. What can that be like - how can you live your life, make commitments and so on?

These things should be the exception given the billions and billions of pounds poured into the Health Service and yet it is the norm - as long as the targets and paperwork are met then it is OK to treat people like this. I probably over simplify the case. I have absolutely no doubt that it is Government intrusion that affects the patients and that given the right circumstances we would have value for money rather than meeting politically set targets that change every time they need to show a statistical improvement. I must stop watching Ben Elton tapes - all getting a little bit political there wasn't it? :-)

A late night thought

I'm again sitting at the PC and sorting out some trivial stuff but nevertheless stuff that has to get done and sorted and I'm involved in all sorts of things. Today - I was chatting about finding someone in Bulgaria for a friend of mine to open up some trading links with, transport for someone else for tomorrow, my daughter's issues with her previous employer, working out some finances and end of year accounts that just wont balance and yet every penny is accounted for in and out :-) I've been sorting some stuff out for the old company and tonight went out to a club where I am also treasurer. I've also managed to review some one's document, edit it, agree the edits and print 50 copies off of that, stuck it in an envelope ready for posting in the morning and I'm still at it!

All these little jobs need to get done and I need to sort them out. Easter is coming and we have the Easter Egg Hunt run by some chums and there was me worrying about tedium last week and not getting away on holiday - I haven't got time to do either really :-)

I perhaps ought to drop some more commitments.

Little things please little minds

I am so pleased with myself this afternoon. The fact that my BP is down and that I've lost a few pounds in weight - well you might as well have told me I'd won the lottery or something.

I've had a quick sit down in the garden - the sun is shining - and I am feeling great. It is good to feel good about yourself n'est pas? I'll see if I can carry this forward this week and be really positive.

I suppose that isn't bad in a week

I have lost about 2 Kgs last week. That's what? About 4Lbs so I am really pleased with that, I was expecting less really.

My taste without salt is gradually coming around as well and that has been a couple of weeks I suppose. I can now tell if something has salt in it - the bread today was especially salty and I've noticed things like gravy which was almost too salty for me.

I've probably more than halved my daily intake of salt and I've got over the hunger pangs from last week's serious drop in calories :-)

I've stopped having any sort of spread on my bread, I've had a very small amount of cheese and I've increased my fruit intake massively.

This week doesn't feel half as bad as last week and I'm not feeling quite as gloomy - I suppose I was a bit depressed because I was dieting and had no comfort foods - I hadn't thought of that.

So, there you go, where there is a will and once you can get over the initial shock to the system - things become bearable. Now I'm quite used to checking the packages on just about everything before I eat it and I've been particularly careful to make sure that I'm getting enough fruit and fibre plus a balance of everything else too. I reckon you can go too far with this sort of thing and miss out something that is good for you.

I am even more pleased that my blood pressure has come down to prehypertension levels. I think that is a combination of things. I am certainly far less stressed about things than I was when they first cancelled my Operation. The disappointment and anger would have raised my pressure but, I'm almost certain that eating the right things and cutting down on salt have really helped. I am hoping that a few more weeks of this sort of lifestyle will get everything down to manageable levels - I may need to speak to the Doc about some stress relief before going into hospital - I have some Valium left from when I had to go and have the cystoscopy under a local - perhaps I just need that or perhaps I can get my buddy to hypnotise me or something.

Exercising Again

Got back to 30 minutes exercising this morning and no sign of the back twinge thank goodness. I can feel my muscles tightening up and I have noticed my waist is getting smaller. I can fit inside a few of my suits now and some of my casual trousers. I still prefer to wear jogging bottoms as they are more comfortable around the house and don't bite in. No dizzy spells or anything similar either.

Additionally I can also tell that my stamina is up I can exercise for 30 minutes without taking a break or gasping for air and I am getting greater distances and bigger calorie burns every few days.

The only clock I forgot to put forward

Was the one in my office which is why at almost 1 in the morning I am wondering why I feel this tired when it isn't even midnight.

I can't blame that on my bladder - or can I?

I wonder what else I could possibly get away with by blaming my condition? You could try almost anything I suppose. "Sorry Officer, my bladder made me do it!"

Maybe not then. Talking of Officers -I had the most surreal dream the other day featuring Ricky Gervais who was drinking in the pub I was in and on being mistaken for a policemen lets some long haired yob off of not having his tax disk (the lad mentions it himself). the youth who is possibly the leader of the village idiots then asks what the policeman's secret signs are. Gervais passes him two walnuts and says if he ever gets stopped he is to hold these in his hand bounce them up and down and wink to the officer saying that two nuts are better than one.

That was it, the dream ended there but perhaps it should and you and I can think what would happen to the lad when he next got tugged by the law?

You see with that sort of sense of humour I'm sure they could have got me upside down on the operating table and given my brain a TURBT? This is pretty strange - even for me but it WAS a dream.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Too Late

I just found an e-mail that I had skipped over - I could have gone to a gig on Saturday night - I had an invite - and there was me sitting here bored stupid.

Note to self - must read your e-mails properly - Doh!

Well I'm alright

It would be a turn up for the books if I was now suffering from low blood pressure :-) so says one of my books about dizziness.

Apparently it is possible that as I woke up and got up I managed to give myself a dizzy spell - anyway - I've been fine for the rest of the day.

I'll see what tomorrow brings when I get up. At least the rest has meant my back feels a lot better as well.

I've managed to more than halve the level of salt in my diet and I've knocked out many of the fatty things (you've got to have some of course) and I will see how the diet has gone tomorrow. I feel like I've lost a little around my waist already but I have a long way to go to get back to where I was this time last year I'm afraid. As with all these things you can't just drop and shed pounds in a crash diet it needs to be burnt off gradually and slowly which is what I intend to do.

A might have been bored last night

But this morning I couldn't get up as I was really dizzy. The room was going round and around and it wasn't booze.

I spent the rest of the morning lying down and I seem to be fine now. I haven't had one of those for years and years. The whole room was on the spin.

I'm OK now - I skipped exercise as my back is still twinging and I was concerned in case I got dizzy again and fell off the cross trainer.

I am going to take the rest of the day off and just do nothing and see how I am after that

Saturday, March 24, 2007


Bored, bored, bored, bored, bored,bored, bored,bored, bored,bored, bored,bored, bored,bored, bored,bored, bored,bored, bored,bored, bored,bored, bored,bored, bored,bored, bored,bored, bored,bored, bored,bored, bored,bored, bored,bored, bored,bored, bored,bored, bored,bored, bored,bored, bored,bored, bored,bored, bored,bored, bored,bored, bored,bored, bored,bored, bored,bored, bored,bored, bored,bored, bored,bored, bored,bored, bored,bored, bored,bored, bored,bored, bored,bored, bored.

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Bored, bored, bored, bored, bored,bored, bored,bored, bored,bored, bored,bored, bored,bored, bored,bored, bored,bored, bored,bored, bored,bored, bored,bored, bored,bored, bored,bored, bored,bored, bored,bored, bored,bored, bored,bored, bored,bored, bored,bored, bored,bored, bored,bored, bored,bored, bored,bored, bored,bored, bored,bored, bored,bored, bored,bored, bored,bored, bored,bored, bored,bored, bored,bored, bored,bored, bored,bored, bored,bored, bored,bored, bored,bored, bored.

Too bored to type it out - Ctrl C & Ctrl V for ever!

Minor Injury

To my back - I obviously didn't warm up sufficiently this morning and I've got a slight pull to my back. I think it will be OK as soon as I felt it start to complain I stopped - I only did 20 minutes this morning.

Everyone out of the house and I'm stuck here trying to get a balance sheet to balance. One of those strange ones everything looks fine but I am a few pounds out. I can't see it for looking - Perhaps I'll take a short break and then review it again.

It is normally something very straight forward.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Collateral Damage

I feel there has got to be some out of all of this. Whether it be those nearest and dearest or perhaps acquaintances. I notice some people have got closer, some more remote and others are neutral so perhaps that's just me.

The problem is of course that I have changed - I think - quite a lot although maybe some wouldn't say that. I do have different values and ideals now.

It is a strange thing to say but perhaps cancer fragments lives - I hope it doesn't destroy them but perhaps you pay for the cure with something else. I have a strong feeling that coming out of this will change my life far more than I could have dreamt.

I'll have to wait and see on that I suppose - it is intuition talking not fact.

Spitting Feathers

Oh poo,

Now "if only" - actually before I start this - I was talking to someone years ago and (this is relevant bear with me), He reckoned that if his wife hadn't have taken the 3 or 4 minutes longer on this specific night that they would have got into the bingo hall in the queue a little earlier where the person who won the thousands of pound jackpot was because he had worked out where he thought he should be in the queue? I did try telling him that there may have been other reasons along the way why he may have been further back in the queue but there was no consoling him.

So bearing in mind my slight diversion. I got a call today offering me the mother of all contracts. If I could start in a week or so and give it a good crack for 3 months then it would probably grow into something really nice and was such a good fit, if it were a glove - oh hell you know the rest.

So as I know this guy really well and I wouldn't mess up his opportunity, all I could do was point him to a couple of potential candidates and made my excuses as it just wouldn't be possible to commit to it with all this nonsense going on. And if I had of had the operation on Monday I might at least have been given an outline of what was in store and I could have.

I'm a lot more philosophical about it than I thought I'd be - I'm not lividly angry just miffed but resigned that this sort of thing is going to happen. This is why it can be damn difficult having cancer and trying to find a job at the same time. The very last ting you want to do is let down a prospective customer.

Oh well, there will be other opportunities I suppose.

Penultimate Payslip

Yes - the penultimate payslip arrived today and that made me think. I'm guessing that I'll be able to squeeze one more of my mobile and telephone bills in with them and that will be that and I'll have to take those on.

All will change again if I end up working for them - I need to let them know, as soon as I do, what is going on with the Hospital. Unfortunately whatever had happened I'd be in some sort of quandary over what is going on. The Hospital would have taken two weeks to do the path tests and then I'd have got the news what to do next. One of those would be straightforward and I'd be able to plan out my life a bit.

Waiting to get the Blood Pressure sorted out is a real pain as it just delays everything and makes the chances of me working in May difficult to plan unless I dictate the timetable and make the Hospital revolve around me rather than vice versa. I'm not confident enough to do that yet as I'm concerned that the short delay I am on now is going to prove detrimental. Someone did say that the cancer is slow and the Doc says not to worry but even so I'd rather be being treated and monitored than have some sort of opportunity for the cancer to come back or to spread.

The e-mails from those leaving and the leaving parties are coming thick and fast now. I don't intend to have any such thing as a leaving party as there is every opportunity that I'll end back up there again looking at the way staff are hemorrhaging from the business without being pushed then they won't have sufficient people left to do the work which is of course what makes the business profitable.

Watch this space. I'm a bit sad that I'll be history three weeks on Tuesday :-(

After a Long Battle

I'm not sure what to make of phrases like:

"After a long battle"
"Faced bravely"
"Short and bravely fought battle"

And so on. Sure, these are on epitaphs but it made me wonder if you'd ever get anything other than that. I can't imagine anyone with cancer has any option other than to fight it. It isn't like a cold or flu where you can lie around and just recover. Generally Cancer requires radical things to happen, radical surgery, toxic chemicals shoved into you and things that you really don't want to know about I'm sure.

So I think everyone fights a battle. There are the physical battles - dealing with the pain, the surgery, the chemo or immunotherapy and all that is associated with the actual treatment including the tests and the diagnosis. In these cases people do things to you and you suffer. You battle with the results.

Battling may also mean you taking a stance and doing something for yourself. Otherwise you feel pretty helpless. There's got to be something you can do to improve your chances (yes I know not in all cases) but there are physical ways you can help yourself. Looking after yourself better, proper food - a balanced diet, physical exercise, these sorts of things give you the best opportunity of overcoming the physical problems and to some extent the mental problems too.

The brain I find is the most difficult area to work on as it can help or hinder progress. You do a lot of battling with your brain. It would be great if you could just focus on getting well again and positive thinking and to a point it is generally like that but it also has a negative side too. The dark thoughts and the working out of odds and so on. I think that I've been reasonably lucky in having a positive attitude. I look at what happened as the biggest wake up call possible. I'm also certain that I am probably the only person who doesn't think it is as serious as it is.

Cancer is with you all the time when youve got it - barely a day will go past when I don't think about it, get worried about something or the other. Again the brain plays tricks along the lines of if you recover from this then they'll get you with something else. Hardly rational thought but the sort of stuff you have to deal with. Every ache and pain is some other cancer coming to get you as well - less so now but early on it felt like my number was up and I was going to be "got" one way or another.

So is it a battle? Is it a fight? Of course it is - cancer works on a lot of levels and you can't let it get to you physically or mentally. I'm a firm believer in doing everything I can to support the work of my specialist and the larger team that have spent so much time getting me back to where I am today. Keeping fit, thinking fit and giving yourself the best chance are your part of the deal. No one else can do it for you. Cancer isn't something you get rid of in a few days - the fallout can last years and you are always being tested and checked so you could almost say it lasts long enough to be a war.

I'm not certain I'd like the words used at anytime to do with me. Bravery, battles, fights. When you see the words printed it reminds me of defeat. I mean does nobody win out of this? Doesn't it mean you lost if words are used like this (I don't think it does just being provocative).

I'm not sure whether I've come to a conclusion on this or not. I'd not like to be remembered as battling, fighting, brave or any similar thing. I'd far rather be remembered for something else - although to be honest I haven't got a clue what exactly that would be :-)

Anyway, have a think about those words, perhaps they are printed for the living and not for the person who died?

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Managed to get through the drudgery

It was a long old day doing mundane things, filling in a large spreadsheet and totalling figures, finishing off a reorganisation of my office and generally tidying up those odds and ends that get left. The odd signature, the renewal of a subscription and all those sorts of things. I might just clear all of that in the next few days if I can just keep my discipline and work through it. I am too easily distracted these days.

Confirmed Date for 24 hour blood pressure monitoring

I don't know if I said this earlier but now the date is the 30th March - tomorrow week to get wired up for 24 hours and get constant monitoring of my blood pressure. At least that is better than the 19th April some 4 weeks away!

I hope that somewhere along the line they can get this sorted out and make a decision one way or the other about it. I really don't fancy taking these pills to reduce my blood pressure and certainly anything to do with kidneys and that really (I imagine) should be avoided considering what your kidneys are connected to.

It will be interesting to see what the results are.

Rabbit Food

Yes - salad for lunch - I am being very good - I've not touched a bit of cheese or processed meat this week and the bread has been the stuff made with 1/2 the quantity of salt and using lo-salt as well. The biggest difficulty is getting from 5 fruit and veg a day to 9 although the salad itself meant that I was able to do 5 of the 9 already. You can't have double portions of one and call it two portions of your 9 each has to be different.

I've started not to notice the lack of salt and the food tastes OK without it now. I was expecting it to take many weeks but it appears to be - what - 5 or 6 days? I am hoping that I will get some good results from all this exercise and eating properly. Whilst I can't see a huge change in waistline yet (and really it should be gradual not sudden) I am feeling a lot fitter and I do feel remarkably well. I could get into my suit yesterday which was a big bonus so I must have lost a fair bit already but I haven't been measuring until this week.

Back to reality

Exercises, diet, work.

Looking at the pile of stuff to finish it looks like it is going to be a long and boring day. I shall just have to blitz my way through it. Even curiouser is that I still keep thinking that I should be working when actually I'm sitting out my redundancy. I keep my eye on the laptop to see if any e-mails come through but the PCs is on but there's no one in. There is a certain amount of guilt I suppose but I really shouldn't complain as I got three months notice.

Now what pile of disinterest shall I start on first :-)

Nigerian Scam

So I got an e-mail tonight from a poor bloke who has been diagnosed with cancer and wants to share his millions with me.

Fair enough. Trouble is - I just told said joker where to get off and used particularly unsavoury language too. I hope my ISP doesn't ban me for double use of the "F" word and other such stuff.

Honestly these sickos - just let me have ten minutes with one of them with my trusty baseball bat and I'll show you one less con artist.

If people weren't so greedy and downright gullible none of this would happen in the first place. Do you realise that there is up to a 5% take up on Spam mail? I rest my case - a lot of people really do deserve what they get.

Like those lottery winners who never bought a ticket yet miraculously THEIR name came up in a draw and the lottery people guessed that your e-mail was the one you got the message on and you fell for it.

Call me an old cynic but - honestly - it just doesn't compute and yet these people happily go and get suckered in all for some stupid return. Frankly they deserve what they get...

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The Diet is Shot but

What a great evening I have had - hundreds of people assembled together for an evening out and because I didn't get the Op I could go to this. I'm so glad I did. There were some great people there some who didn't know about my condition but those who did - well it amazed me. They walked the full length of the room to come and see how I was.

I am so pleased that they did that - honestly. It is so nice to see someone recognise you, make their excuses to whom they are with and come straight over and see you.

I have had a lovely evening and it was made special by those who just came and said hello and those who listened to me wittering on about all my troubles. They serve so much those who listen.

Oh and by the way

You get your Prostate checked when you have the flexible cystoscopy (or I did). They cannot do a PSA (prostate specific antigen) because when you have BCG treatment the readings go through the roof.

Of course the other reason they do this is how close the bladder and prostate are so also a good reason to be extra cautious it is only a very short distance for the cancer to metastasis to so you can imagine that it needs to be checked.

The DRE (digital rectal examination) or "finger up arse" as my mate calls it. Isn't that bad. Considering what they had just shoved up the other opening a finger up my bum was nothing believe me. But really it didn't hurt nor did it last long either - all very quick and over and done with in seconds.

The DRE is also pretty quick for diagnosis too. Anyway for those of us with bladder cancer it is part of the territory and rightly so but for everyone else do start to think about getting yourself checked out even if it is a PSA on your next blood test - just ask them to tick the PSA box. At least you'll know.

Ladies - you have nothing to worry about of course :-)


I was annoyed when I heard Hugh Grant saying on Top Gear how much his DRE Prostate examination hurt him. Thanks Hugh, how many people have you put off getting checked? Actually, it doesn't hurt and so it may be a little disturbing or slightly embarrassing to have done but as Prostate Cancer is overtaking Lung Cancer to be the most commonly diagnosed cancer in men in the UK perhaps it would have made sense for him to have thought about the cheap laughs and actually got it home that 10,000 men in the UK die of Prostate Cancer each year - that is one an hour. 32,000 are diagnosed with it.

The good news is that on diagnosis they can do something about it and if you are under treatment you are more likely not to die of this at all.

Cancer isn't funny and men are notoriously bad patients and don't go and get checked - the last thing they need is someone telling them how bad it is when it isn't and it may well save your life. There is always the PSA blood test as well so it just annoys me that for the want of a bit of education people could be diagnosed and treated.

More information is available here

Don;t put stuff off like this - Whilst it took me a few days to convince myself I wasn't well, the best thing I ever did was to get to see the doctor fast.

Whoa - not yogurt as well

I was about to try some cereal with yogurt on this morning and I thought - check the pack...

Blimey - a small pot contains 0.1g of sodium which of course equates to 0.25g of salt. Has nothing escaped - I suppose it is used as a preservative or taste enhancer.

Needless to say I didn't have that on my cereal. It just stuns me how much salt you find and in the most unusual foodstuffs.

Keep your eyes open it is everywhere :-) I sound paranoid now don't I?

Whew - Exercise Buzz

Now I haven't experienced this for years - in fact when I used to exercise regularly and play badminton and squash. I'd play for an hour or more and there would be this real buzz throughout your body and you'd feel great. In those days I could do exercise and then go into the bar and have 4 pints of beer and smoke away quite happily! I imagine that really helped :-)

Anyway - today I did my 30 minutes but this time I used two other programmes I hadn't before, one where you dial in a maximum heart pulse rate and the computer thingy sets the resistance to keep you as near to that for 10 minutes. The second was 3 peaks in 10 minutes but starts much higher on resistance than the one I tend to use most of the time. That was really good and I noticed on all of the that my distance is increasing and so are the number of calories being burnt off. So after this not only did I feel great but also it was as if I could easily carry on for another half an hour so I'm feeling quite fit - which is pleasing. I'll be pleased to see what happens over the next few weeks with this.

Of course today I'll need all the calories burnt off I can as I am out tonight for a meal and there will be wine and cheese and all sorts of stuff I really shouldn't have - I shall try - very hard to be good and only eat small portions. I don't want to undo the good work but.....

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The Fear of a Relapse

It is one of those things that you cannot contemplate unless it has happened to you.

To go to the toilet and just see a stream of blood coming out and into the pan is so utterly repugnant. It shakes you to your core and also you get occasional bits like small clots firing out too. Then after three or four weeks they repaired that although there was still a bit of blood and bits it went away. The relief is palpable - believe me. Additionally there is a mild almost background feeling like a very distant stinging goes with this - like very mild cystitis. That goes too I am pleased to say.

Later, during the treatment, I'd get this again but only on the night of the treatment and perhaps a little the next morning. I'd been warned and prepared for it. It was a different feeling as it meant that the BCG was doing what it should and (frankly) it was bits of my bladder lining getting passed out of the system. I also knew it was going to be "here today and gone tomorrow" something on the initial symptoms that didn't happen it just got worse day after day.

So what is the trouble now you might ask? Well, it is that with the delay in the operation, I'm acting as if I almost expect the blood to start flowing again and there is this almost, I suppose, anticipation this slight holding of my breath and then relief when I don't pass blood. I'm thinking that this is just my brain concerned about the delay in proceedings. I'm sure that if things were time critical, knowing how quickly they dragged me in the first time they saw me, that this isn't so.

Anyway, it is just one of these things that add to the worry of waiting. Whilst I say it doesn't worry me - like stressing me out. It is a little nag at the back of my mind.

I'm beginning to realise that "Cure" is a long long way away and that I'm going to have to learn to cope with two hospitalisations a year as a minimum even if things have gone right, more if they find the treatment hasn't been successful.

I must also work out how to write things down in such a way that they are what I feel but don't lead to people thinking I am depressed. I'm a reasonably "up" sort of person most of the time and wear my heart on my sleeve (more so recently) - you'll know when I'm down and you'll know how to cheer me up. Good company not sympathy are my pick me ups.

Diet progress

I think today has gone extremely well so far. I am jotting down everything that I eat and the timings as well. It means that I can see when I last had a coffee or something to eat and it keeps me in check.

The low salt bit is also interesting and no margarine on my bread was OK - so I will be interested to see what things are like this time next week.

Take Someone With You

When you go to see the Specialist or Consultant. Not just for the car park.

I found that when I was told that I had Cancer that I hadn't really got any questions to ask about it. It was a bit of a shock, not unexpected, however, any questions I had I hadn't written down either.

So write down any questions you may have. If you get hit with bad news you may not know what to ask anyway, so ask what to do if you have questions when you get home. Whoever has come in with you may well be able to start asking questions giving you enough time to ask your own or to seek clarification on the next steps.

I was better on the second meeting and on the third but there were still some questions I missed or glossed over. As the person diagnosed - your mind is in a spin and not functioning as you'd expect it to - take someone with you and let them do some of the thinking for you.

Read the literature they give you and try not to look up some of the stuff on the Internet unless it is from reliable sources (Other NHS departments have stuff online for example). As I've said before some of the forums can be especially worrying but they are generally full of people far worse off than you are. Those who survive and get treated and cured have no reason to stay in those forums so be aware of that.

Here endeth the lesson!

Subtle Changes

I again did my three 10 minute workouts this morning on the cross trainer. Gradually the mileage done is creeping up as are the calories burnt so I must be making progress and getting stronger. I was pleased with that as there is about a 10% improvement on speed and distance and calories of course.

Having wiped out any gains made on the diet and exercise with a few beers last night, I am going to try and be sensible this week. Then I realised that I am out eating and drinking tomorrow and later in the week too. I will just have to avoid the obvious traps I suppose.

Hospital Parking

I am indebted to one of my regular readers for this LINK to an article in the Daily Telegraph and HERE to the BBC article.

I've been complaining and so has he that you have to pay and display. All very well if you know for sure that your appointment will be on time. In my limited experience of appointments, only the 6 BCG treatments were on time as they HAD to be delivered within a certain time. Now I'm not knocking the staff but the system. If I have an appointment at 2 pm and I put in an hours worth of parking that would seem appropriate. At 2:50 I'm darting around wondering if I am going to get called or not and then having to go and feed the meter. It means that if I am on my own I have to go and tell someone - if not, the other person who I have brought with me to make sure I am asking the right questions or not forgetting any, has to run out and feed the car park ticket. You know what happens next, as soon as you get up, your name is called and you can imagine the scenario of wondering if you'll get out in time or whether the £30 fixed penalty will be slapped on your motor for they have people going around all the time looking.

This is of course if you can get a car parking space at all as like many Hospitals there is less than enough space, the local supermarket has taken the majority of it and on all 6 occasions that I had BCG treatment my wife had to circulate and double park in the car park until I came out.

And as a final whinge this morning - the last part of the article about charging for bedside phones and TV is absolutely true, they want you to buy a card - minimum charge of course applies that you can't give to the bloke next door when you leave and you can only get free radio. worse than that the screen is full of adverts and "wakes up" and starts playing the adverts. Mine just gets pushed face first to the wall. They try and turn it back out but I push it firmly where it belongs. There is some spotty little kid comes around and checks the TVs and also puts them in front of yor face. You don't want to hear what I said to him.

Why Hospitals need to resort to this sort of cheap commercialism is obvious and I'm sure some minor Government official will be telling me it is for my own good. I can walk to the hospital but that may well have contributed to my high blood pressure episode last week considering that exercise raises your blood pressure.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Fighting Alone

I firmly believe that.

I fight this alone even though I have loads of support and good wishes etc. Only I know how much I am kidding myself or encouraging myself. Only I know how much I am glossing over the cracks.

I think that you need to convince yourself first that things are alright. It is pretty glib if anyone who has never had it or similar says it to you - what do they know. Words from a professional are always welcome and sympathy is great but it empathises and doesn't psyche you up for the next thing you have to face. Mind you there is also a difference between friends, family and those closer to you - mates I suppose (not sure what you'd call them - confidants perhaps).

Friends are great - they all react differently - some are so concerned that I am worried for them not vice versa :-) Such concern is really touching if not a little too much for me to handle - I like being liked but I'm not sure I like THAT much attention.

Family are strange - they are very worried despite my assurances. I spend more time telling them that I am alright and giving them the considerable benefit of my understanding of my disease. They don't like to hear all the gore and stuff so get more upset the more I try and convince them that I am alright.

Mates - tell you to shut up when you are being stupid - great - no change there then - they know the score, they feel for you, ask the questions but also bring you back to earth when you need it as well. It is really uplifting coming away from an evening with them as you feel so much better and yet you could have had the ultimate in greetings - "quick shake his hand - he could have died last year". Black comedy is also fully acceptable as is anything to do with putting people - including me - in their place. I am also not treated like something or someone special.

Finally - fighting alone, the title of this piece - is about the time you spend reflecting on what you've got, how you deal with it, the regrets, the upsides and the down, the anger, frustrations, angst, humour and depression that you get. this blog was set up to share all of that and yet, I admitted to a mate of mine tonight that the problem is I still haven't gone to the darkest side nor have I shared the inner most fears, the horror and the sheer fright of going into Hospital. I haven't explained the massive strain on the family - but believe me that is there and I haven't shared some of the extremes the other way - the flights of fancy, the miracle cures, the snake oil and the implausible. Neither have I fully explored the upside. There is something almost spiritual and uplifting, something that brings some sort of balance to life, some understanding and a level of tolerance. It also brings the dead opposite and intolerance and a speedy reversion to anger are also part of the territory. We have so much further to go on this journey - its exciting n'est pas?

I'm hoping that I can open up a bit more but I'd rather do myself damage than damage those about me so my writing has to be kept to the 80% or so I'm prepared to share. Only my mates will probably get to hear the next 10 to 15% and even then I cannot imagine that they will be comfortable or remain undisturbed by what I'd have to say.

This is one of my dark blogs but I didn't start off that way. I hope that you will understand that there are many dimensions to having this (and I imagine) any nasty illness? As one of my mates said tonight - if you read between the lines there is far more to what you are writing even more than what you say. That is of course absolutely true. Don't confuse me with the facts.

Anyway, time for bed - early hours of the morning again and I really should have been in bed and hour or more ago.

As if on cue and to prove me a crashing bore

This article from the BBC CLICK HERE

All about salt and sodium - don't forget 1g of sodium is about 2.5g of salt!! Yep - that's what I thought to.

One of those pre-made Italian sauces - you know the ones full of healthy stuff like mediterranean tomatoes, olive oil and all that stuff? Well it had 4g of salt in the jar which normally would have done 4 portions. So check that one out next time you buy one of those. 4 grammes what the hell is that all about.

Right - I'll stop boring now about sodium and salt intake you can go and see the Government web site all about it HERE.

Right About Now

I should have been having or just had my operation if I had been allowed to go in. Instead I am stuck here looking at the first of the snow falling and getting on with some work that I should have done a few weeks ago. At least I have been released a bit and can get on with some of the backlog I have.

It is surprising quite how much preparing mentally and physically takes out of you and the major impact is on day to day work and general lack of concentration and applying yourself.

I'd hardly get any work done as I'd be easily distracted and also interrupts would completely knock me off my stride (this doesn't happen normally).

The list of things to do then gets longer and it is then back to the old chestnut of prioritisation and that then sets you off thinking you have to much to do and not enough time left to do it. Anyway, that weight has lifted off me and I got stacks done this morning and with a bit of luck I'll be able to sort out the vast majority of my stacked up work this week.

I'm not sure if behind each dark cloud there is a silver lining is the apt phrase here and now but it is all I can think of.

Catch 22

Do you remember the book or the film?

Well it is a bit like my present situation I think. I go into the Hospital or the Doctors and my blood pressure goes through the roof. They cannot do anything with my BP so high so they send me away and my BP normalises and then I go back again and my BP again goes through the roof again.

Apparently stress does have an impact short term on your BP but it cannot account for long term high blood pressure. So they can perhaps see why it is high on admission and the goes to normal thereafter - I remember them looking at one set of results but as I said to them they were just about to remove the Catheter and the Cannula and anyone would be a bit worried about that - now if you had taken the BP reading a few minutes afterwards then I'd have been in a state of relief.

My recent readings taken at home have not been good but a wrist monitor is apparently not accurate enough it should be an arm band one. It shows prehypertension results hovering around the 140/90 mark.

No need to worry about it at this moment I suppose as the 24 hour monitor will provide the results and I can't do much about it anyway.

I Hadn't realized

That I wouldn't be fully recovered by now. The Doc reckons that I shouldn't be so worried about the additional weight, it is easy to put on given that I had to sit on my arse for the best part of 16 to 20 weeks. I'm still healing and I've had some serious work done on me.

I'm concerned that the weight has pushed up my blood pressure and also makes other complications possible.

I worry too much apparently :-)

I am also getting the impression that just because there aren't a row of stitches across my groin area doesn't mean that the surgery was not serious.

well that told me then!

Getting Serious

The Kitchen has battle plans drawn up and blue tacked to the walls. A clipboard and pen with chart await me for anything I eat during the day. I am going for points and points make? Prizes - oh no that's some TV show. No - points mean that I can ensure that I am eating enough to keep me healthy but not too much to put on weight. Well that is the plan.

The exercise regime burns about 150 - 200 calories every morning and I need to limit my intake to less than 1800 calories. In addition I need to get down that salt intake and go from 5 fruit and veg a day to close to 9 if I can manage it.

If I can get this bit right then I should be able to steadily lose weight over a period of time and also get fitter - although I haven't felt this fit for years and years. Additionally if I can lower my blood pressure through being fitter and cutting back on salt then that should allow me to be fitter for treatment and for the ongoing fight.

Diet, Salt, Exercise etc

I am getting to be a bit of a bore on this now but I worked out that I am overweight but not obese and so I need to lose weight. I knew that but I now know what my target weight drop is. I need to lose about 20Kg to get myself back to where I should be. 10 or so would get me back where I was I think before all of this happened.

Ideally, if I can get a good run at it then 25 to 30 Kg would make me very happy indeed although not back to my fighting weight of about 65Kg - but then I was 19 and as fit as anything in those days.

I have downloaded a chart that I shall put on the wall to help me get my weight down and to maintain that as well.

I am hoping that I will be able to get weight, blood pressure etc down to reasonable levels and then to use my new found fitness to help recovery from the bladder cancer - for example being fitter will help me when it comes to the treatment and also to hasten my recovery from that.

I know the theory - now to put it into practice. Oh yes - coffee is OK you just mustn't do anything to excess.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Found some of my early notes

On bladder cancer. After I had the second operation and was told I had CIS - Carcinoma in Situ I foolishly mumbled that "that was good". Well, after having a couple of tumours cut out you'd have thought that having CIS - which in most cases such as skin cancer is relatively easily treated, should be great.

The notes I made at the time are:

  • Aggressive disease (worse than a tumour)
  • poorly defined
  • difficult to gauge
  • Often recurrences (can be 3 or 4 per year - tumours that is I think)
  • 3 monthly checks
  • If past 1 year and no recurrence then you halve your chance of recurrence.

I then wrote BCG in the best cases is 60-80% effective. I'm young I hope so.

I am so disappointed at not being able to find out about this for perhaps another few months. I know I have to get whatever is wrong with me now sorted first. Perhaps I should have popped a few Valium before I went in to the Hospital - they are good, they could of cut my arm off and I'd have helped them :-)

I also found my treatment notes that I kept when I had the BCG treatment. I don't think I will share them on here - they are pretty boring and I think I covered most of the things I learnt at the time. I might just type them up and present them the next time I see the urology nurses so they can add them to my file.

The Grand Prix was good - the atmosphere not so

I enjoyed watching the Grand Prix - the first of the season and although a tiny bit predictable it looks as if things could be close in the future so that will be good. It was getting a bit boring a few years ago. Let's face it, it was terrible and they needed to do something. I also like Moto GP and Motorbike racing as that really is close stuff.

Mind you, for some reason I was in the bad books later on. Don't ask me, I'm a bloke and I don't pick up on these sorts of things. They - the wife and apprentice human beings had been out shopping. I had said that I didn't want to go (so perhaps that) but that isn't unusual. There are only so many fashion shops that I can get dragged around without my temper flaring.

So - obviously some sort of thing I did wrong, which when questioned gets the answer that it "DOESN'T MATTER!!!!" - and so using that information I just dig myself deeper and deeper into it as I explain that "you told me that it didn't matter".

Anyway, it is late, all is quiet and they are all out tomorrow. I retired to my office at 9 pm to get out of the way!

Vacation / Holiday

On the basis that I haven't been on holiday since the summer of 2005 and every chance of getting away at half-term disappeared what are the chances of getting away at Easter?

As usual, I have some commitments some that I can probably delegate but others that I cannot. The Apprentice Human Beings are planning something for a birthday party and something else as well involving sleep overs (which rarely involve sleep), shopping and cinema visits.

It is not looking good at all. I am wondering whether to just take myself off somewhere and please myself as at least I can make a decision even if the rest of my family cannot.

I must remember that next time

I haven't tried a couple of the programmes on the exercise machine - one is a long burn one and the other is a steadily increasing resistance. I tried that one today - I was absolutely knackered after 10 minutes. It took the machine to maximum resistance and held that for about 3 minutes. I'm glad I only did the 10 minute programme. I went back onto my normal three peaks in 10 minutes one twice afterwards.

Whilst it was a hard workout I feel alright afterwards so I might mix this one in every other time from now on.

Well, today I thought that I was going to be getting ready for going into Hospital. Obviously that isn't going to happen and so I am going to spend the day watching out for the F1 Grand Prix and re-planning the next couple of weeks.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

The New Food

Horrified was the verdict. So many food stuffs are laden with salt. It took ages to do the shopping and they returned with lots of healthy looking stuff including some nice fish. Mind you I'll have to prepare that as the heads are still on? Crazy, it never worried me but obviously they don't like it.

Certainly plenty of things to try out and the revelation of the bunch has been making fruit smoothies using some frozen berries - very nice.

I've had one coffee so far today which isn't bad and I've kept my intake of salt down to about 1.0g today - I'll be cooking the fish tonight and so I'd expect to perhaps do 3.0g in total for today. I'm happy that I'm getting that level down to somewhere reasonable. I'm just amazed quite how much I ate before.

Oh yes - one of my favourite things is back on - F1 car racing so that is me settled for tomorrow watching that. Nice.

Tasting the difference

What a difference no salt makes to things. I fired up the soup I made yesterday and added some lemon juice and a dash of worcestershire sauce - you have to be careful there is salt in that too. It still tasted bland and yet I know it is full of good stuff.

The low salt bread we made was OK with the soup but I was just so surprised how bland the food tasted. Apparently after a few weeks this doesn't happen as you become used to less salt.

I can imagine tomorrow's roast meal will be interesting as I won't have any salt on the potatoes, no gravy and nothing on the veg either. At times like this you wonder whether it is worth all the bother but I am going to stick to this as far as I am able to. Meals out may be a struggle but again, you can choose not to add salt at the table - it all depends if the chef has added any at cooking time.

Stepped up the Exercises

The 30 minutes a day seems to be the right amount now. The required state of out of breath, warm to sweating is easily achieved and I feel good a little time afterwards.

It isn't going to be possible every day but if I can do it whenever I am at home then I should be OK. If I have to go away I'll have to go out for walks or something.

Instead of a 30 minute programme on the trainer it looks better to do 3 x 10 minute programmes as you get more changes in resistance (3 or 4 in 10 minutes as opposed to 3 or 4 in 30 minutes) so you get a better and more interesting workout.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Things don't taste the same

I decided that I would make myself some soup. Vegetables, water, pepper (NO SALT) some herbs and some pulses.

The strangest thing is that as soon as I tasted it - it needed salt to make it work. Tomorrow should be interesting, shopping for alternatives and herbs and other things to make food taste flavoursome with out the salt bit.

I eventually had just the one cup of coffee after my no salt soup :-) and I've eaten plenty of fruit and I don't feel the least bit like going out and swapping the car for a Citroen 2CV or some such so I should be alright.

I'm wondering whether to go the whole way on this and go and live in the woods and dye my hair blue and get a good few body piercings and a couple of tasteful tattoos.

Yee Gods - Salt again

I've been through the cupboard and fridge checking out the amount of salt / Sodium in foods.

What a shock. My healthy tomato juice, baked beans, sardines, cheese, marmite (you don't want to know - no really), soup, cook in sauces and so on. Just go and look for yourself. Remember that the recommended daily allowance is about 6g for adults and 3g for children and then add it together it will shock you quite how much of this stuff you eat.

Check your bread, your bread spread and then what you put in it like Ham or Cheese and you will be amazed. I was. I reckon on most days I would have gone over 6g by lunchtime just on cereals and sandwiches.

So far today has gone quite well. I've managed to not have any coffee and I've kept my salt intake down to about 2g so far. Evening meal is yet to come and so I'll probably double that but, it is probably fair to say that for the first time in years my salt intake will be lower than the 6g recommended.

It is a concern that this is normal in most of the everyday foodstuffs we have lying around the house.

Nice Lunch


The sun was out and we sat outside for the first time this year enjoying the Spring sunshine. A good couple of beers (lord alone knows what that did to my Blood Pressure!) but I didn't have any food there. I had some of the home made bread before leaving with some Tuna and some low fat cheese. OK - I didn't avoid salt but just had to do the best I could.

I got a call from the Doc. April 19th was the earliest they could do for the recording equipment. He "had words" and the 30th March is now the date. So another 2 weeks before they can even begin to see what might be wrong and he has only just received my blood test results so he hasn't looked at those yet. I'll have to wear some get up for the weekend and then they can decide whether or not I am alive or dead and so do something about it.

I am resigned to this delay now and perhaps there is something else wrong. As usual it moves at its own pace and not mine.

Anyway, the beer and company were good so that is what really matters.

Today without salt or coffee

Thank goodness for the bread maker - we made a loaf last night with half the amount of salt in it and I had some of that this morning. I have had no coffee at all - I've decided to see if I can cut that down to reasonable amounts. I'm thinking that about 10 cups a day isn't so good for you but that is instant. I don't do the 6 or so double espressos a day anymore now. So I will probably just have the odd cup of real coffee every now and then. So far I haven't bitten anyone's ear off or behaved badly :-)

The next thing to work on is limiting things like cheese and processed meats and I am going to have to make my own soups as the ones in tins, packets and cup-a-soups all contain relatively high amounts of salt as well. If you think making soup is easy then go and have a look at how much salt is in a stock cube. This isn't going to be an easy trip at all.

Additionally, alcohol taken in moderation can help blood pressure. OK, that is fine - I can do that. This week has been a bad one though - I realise that by tonight I would have been out every day for a beer! That was a bit startling but then this week I pulled all the appointments into so that I'd take my mind off of next week and going in.

Which reminds me the Doctor said he'd ring yesterday and it is half way through today and he still hasn't rung me.

Raising the bar

I decided that today would be a good day to up the exercises from 20 minutes a day to 30. The only thing I have noticed is that the computer thingy on the cross trainer doesn't give you more peaks and troughs on the exercises the more time you put in so after 10 minutes I went back to doing 2 more 10 minutes sections each one peaking 3 times in the 10 minutes. It is a much better workout - or appears to be - than the long version of the same programme.

Now I have got to see whether I can keep this going - it always seems to be that you lose some part of your day. What I need to do is make it part of my routine and not look at it as a time stealer.

I often look at people who have just been out for a run or after doing some work down the gym and when they are all red faced and barely able to breathe wonder whether this exercise stuff really does do you good -everyone i see always looks unfit and totally knackered at the end of it :-)

Thursday, March 15, 2007


I started looking up about hypertension and whilst I know that most of my BP readings (the ones that I do myself) are prehypertension or normal it helps to think about these sort of things.

I was pretty much horrified at how much salt I have a day. Not from me sprinkiling it on but from the actual food itself. Bread and some cereals being very high and even things like tinned fish (Tuna) and cheese. These are all staples of my diet so I've set myself a mission to see if I can reduce the amount of salt I eat now.

I've already changed my lifestyle to some extent and tend to eat a lot more fruit and veg so this is only extending that. The other thing is to get some of this weight off which - happily I appear to be doing as I fitted into my suit comfortably last night and I didn't three weeks ago so that is something. I now need to ramp up my exercises as well.

A lot calmer today

I've now got over the bitter disappointment of not going in on Monday to have this operation. You can probably understand that what I really want to know is whether the treatment has worked or not. 3 months waiting was bad enough - another 2 months (could be) just adds to the uncertainty of it all. I know that it is small consolation but the GP did say that it was pretty effective stuff but of course what happens if it hasn't worked - will I have to start all over again. Something I definitely do not savour.

Ho Hum.

No Phone Call

Doc was due to call at 9:00. Asked if I would be here at 9, checked my phone number and took my mobile too. MMmmmm. So is it no news is good news? I doubt it :-)

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Busy Evening

I went to a local business club meeting which was nice. A great talk on Health and Safety and then some grub and some coffee. Got home. swapped the cars around and had a phone message and some of my friends were at my local - I almost pulled in for a beer on the way home too - how strange. So I dashed around to the pub.

Anyway - always good to see them and we had a couple of beers and a long chat which was good and let me get some more of my angst off of my chest.

Call from Docs in the morning so I suppose I ought to get to bed early to take it!

Feeling much better and a lot calmer now. What else can they throw at me?

Scar Wars IV - A Scrape in Time - Delayed

Critics are having a field day as the producers of Scar Wars IV - A Scrape in Time announced a 6 to 8 week delay in premiering this long awaited for next episode of the award winning and box office smashing Scar Wars series.

Rumours that the star of the show had been booked into Rehab were firmly rebuffed by a company spokesman. "The franchise will go on with our hero as planned". It was confirmed that he "Does do all his own stunts" this accounts for the realism and gritty dialogue :-)

The Director was not available for comment and no one would further explain the plot but it was rumoured to be something to do with a scrape in the space time continuum! The company spokesman refused to be drawn into any gossip about what the next episode would hold.

Meanwhile, fans all over the world will be disappointed to have to wait longer for this latest episode.

What a difference a day makes

This time yesterday I was quite happy to take myself off to the Hospital (first time ever I think I've gone on my own). I was even relatively calm, I listened to the MP3 on the walk over there - all good classical stuff. The rest, as they say, is history.

I even managed the blood test (What a whole armful?).

Right - move on.. Re-planning version 3 and it is only Wednesday :-)

I Still Can't Plan of course

As I now have to wait for a letter from the Hospital and the extra appointments. There was me planning stuff out for the next 6 weeks and I can't do that again as I might have to change those dates.

Knowing my luck they'll want to monitor me when I least want it. It is all out of my control again. Damn I hate that.

Health comes first but at what cost? I should stop moaning as I'm still getting paid I suppose well at least until April.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Can't do anything about it I suppose so have to live with it. Sods up my life for the next 6 to 8 weeks and all the psyching myself up for today and next week has to be re-done.

I just want to know if I still have the cancer or not and whether I can get onto maintenance or not. Much of the anger has subsided, it wasn't directed at anyone in specifically. I think the family got a bit of it but not much - I did try and keep myself to myself a bit but occasionally bit off heads when rhetorical questions were posed!

Early night, back on the exercise bike in the morning and then re-plan and re-schedule everything. I wouldn't mind I've rescheduled so many things and apologised for not going to loads of things and now don't I look the arsehole?

Enough - go to bed.

I wouldn't want to cross me tonight

Talk about Mr. Angry. Strewth. I am fuming about today. I said to someone about it being the 13th as well.

It is the total expectation that you can drop everything for all these extra appointments and tests and goodness knows what else. No problems delay this, move that and I suppose I'm lucky as it doesn't make a lot of difference to me but imagine you were hanging on to your job or actually desperately needed a job and this happened to you.?

Drat, Drat and Double Drat

Been to the GP - Nothing to worry about - well that's OK then.

Got to have a scan thing and then take it from there. I guess when they said blood test and I went sort of white and stammered something like I just had one - they did phone the hospital and get the results.

So 6 weeks delay to the Operation but hold up - it will be Thursday before they can do anything and up to two weeks before getting a monitor thing I will have to wear for 24 hours. Lets see how quickly they can pull this one around. Remember that BP and Kidneys are linked and so what every they do there may have an affect on elsewhere.



Go On Punk... Make My Day!

Well that didn't go quite as planned at all. BP through the roof, it came down slowly over the time but all that pushing and poking and stuff.

Upshot - 6 weeks delay. Go to GP, go directly to GP, do not pass go, do not collect £200!

Oh sh1t. I was actually swearing a bit more than that when they told me.

I actually cannot do 6 weeks so It would have to be 7 at least. The F word has been uttered all the way home from the Hospital. I was very angry to start with but I suppose if they see any risk they won't operate. The nuisance is I now have to go and get something else done and then go back and repeat this old sh1t again.

I've completely altered schedules so that I could do this and now all those short term plans have turned to pooh as well. Back to the drawing board.

In all the excitement I can't remember if I wrote 5 blogs or 6. Seeing this is the most powerful blog in the whole world and likely to blow your head clean off you have to ask yourself whether you feel lucky?

Well? Do you feel lucky punk?

Nuff said - going to go and get angry at the pub now :-)

Not Too Bad

I'm just settling down to a cup of coffee. I've done 20 minutes on the exercise bike, had a shower and just relaxing. I've checked the letter about 5 times already in case mysteriously the date or time have changed - they have not!

I'm a lot calmer than I have been leading up to this. This happens as you get near to the time and there is nothing you can do to affect the outcome so you accept it and get on with it.

Still some nerves but this is only pre-assessment and I can only guess what they are going to do based on what happened last time I went in. Scans, tests, questionnaire (I must remember to tell them about the eczema type stuff both times previous). I just hope they keep to time, that can be the most annoying thing to deal with. Of course Hospitals now make easier for you to increase your stress levels by allowing you to park on an hourly basis (for which you have the privilege of prepay) and then making you wait until just before your time is up. Then what do you do? Go and feed the meter, get a new ticket or go and have your appointment. The little twerp who thought that one up ought to be hung, drawn and quartered!

Switch off and survive

Is I think how I get through this stuff.

"It isn't actually happening to me"

I find that I go into these places numb now. I remember the scan being the most horrible thing that happened - only because when it happened and probably the trauma and post operative realisation of what I had as well.

Now, I switch off. You lose your dignity and your personality and you are wheeled in and out on the meat wagon. It's a factory and doesn't fit what I would have thought of as "care". It is a numbers game and you are in and out in double quick time and they push and pull you around and you are just so glad to get home. I feel like I have everything punched out of me after a few hours and I go with the flow and ride the roller coaster until it stops and I feel well enough to get off, I stop feeling sick and can balance again - then I can go home.

The whole thing just appears to be a patients go in one end and patients go out the other sausage factory.

Oh well, I will turn off my brain and body as I get there and turn on my human being features as I leave. At least I have a lunchtime appointment tomorrow that will cheer me up!

Monday, March 12, 2007

A touch of the dramatics

Out this evening with some good friends and brain kicks into life - saying "this could be the last time you see them". I say nothing to anyone as I deep down inside do not believe that.

I liked a later conversation about how much I loath going in. How tomorrow I am taking myself in on my own as I ought to face it myself. I've always had someone go with me. Tomorrow it will be different. I'll also take myself off on my own for the operation as well. It is something I need to do, in future I could be taking myself in and taking myself out.

Anyway, the interest was that we were talking odds. I reckoned that CIS is one of those things that is difficult to stage - hence they are doing biopsies. It is 80:20 on success of the BCG. Those are pretty good odds considering and given my age and levels of relative fitness, they are odds in my favour. If that fails, they can re-do the treatment and give you 50:50! All in all, if you were given those odds you'd take them and be pleased. So I'm feeling a little better about things but what it did highlight is the fundamental reason I'm so apprehensive. It's the lottery principle. Will I be a winner next Monday? If you had a 4 our of 5 chance would you take it? You see I'm not a gambler and the odds whilst stacked in my favour still mean that 1 in 5 times it would have failed - see my point?

It is the introvert and pessimist in me coming out. Many who know me would be very surprised to find I am quiet and in a room full of strangers more so. I over compensate for this later on. But the whole Cancer thing has been rather humbling. Suddenly I'm no longer in control.

Tomorrow I am going in for the assessment tests and I'll get through that one way or the other. After that I shall be able to work out if I can manage this on my own in the future.

Could be back at my old company again

It is strange how things move. I just had the conversation and agreed to go and do some of the stuff that I think I am good at :-)

It will allow me to get over this next period of uncertainty and also to be able to work part time which is probably what I need. The work probably wouldn't start until May which fits very nicely if I have to have maintenance - even if things are pretty bad - at least I'll have something to go for.

It just needs careful managing and ensuring that dates are managed between us.

Strange how these sorts of things happen. I'll be replacing two guys who left of their own accord rather than being made redundant. The funniest bit is that I'll probably be installing for the people I used to manage - how funny is that?

Time Stealers and Time Wasters

It is one of the problems in management that you find your time eroded. Today, I managed to get on really well whilst I was here on my own. Since that changed progress has been slow and stop start. It drives me nuts under normal circumstances - today I am just getting nowhere fast (or rather this afternoon). The to do list has actually got two tasks longer than it was this morning and whilst I've knocked over some key stuff - more remains.

Yelling at this blog may well take some time away again but it is better than getting angry in the house.

Deep breath, let me see what I can get done in the next few hours as they will all be out again soon.

I know that

Just had the letter shoved under my nose saying when to turn up tomorrow and all the details about what I should and shouldn't do, and I if I feel feint then call.

I know that, I can read! Didn't shout, didn't say much other than I knew that. Now I feel quite queasy about it.

I am managing quite well to distract myself and keep busy but occasionally it comes right back and gets me thinking and feeling bad.

3 times in 8 months - a record even for me to be in Hospital. When I was younger I managed to rack up 12 Operations in 19 years. The last 11 between the ages of 13 and 19. You can perhaps understand why I dislike Hospitals so much. It disrupted my schooling and left me with the sounds and smells of wards imprinted on my brain. At least the wards don't smell of Ether any more. I suppose that is a bonus.

1 Week to go

But who is counting? Well me for one. This time next week I'll be in bits, the clock will have slowed to a crawl, I'll be hungry and thirsty as I won't have had anything since 5 in the morning and I'll probably be on this PC playing tetris and solitaire and such things to kill time.

My MP3 player will be ready to go along with a book - I think I'll take Long Way Round by Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman with me, it is an easy read. My case would have been packed since Sunday.

I can walk to the Hospital which will also burn up some time and some mental energy.

No doubt more fears and revelations down the week.

I was expecting a quiet week

It's the early hours of Monday morning and I have just looked at my diary/wall chart and see that I don't have a free day this week at all! Somehow I have managed to be out every day and for someone that doesn't actually have a job, I have stacks of things to do. I'm going to have to prioritise all this in the morning as I just don't know how I am going to fit it all in.

Nice to be busy I suppose?

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Can you admit that

You are absolutely sh1t scared of what is coming up? I don't think you can really let it all out. There's the bloke bit - you don't show emotion. There's the family bit - you don't show that it could be worse than it is (not sure if this makes any shock situation worse or not?). The other thing is that you put on a "brave face" - it's all very British and "Stiff Upper Lip" etc.

However, I've had three months to stew over this - I should have been in on Monday so a week late sort of adds to the tension but, at the end of this really is that I am sh1t scared this time. I actually think I don't need to be. I know what is going to happen to me. I know the drill, I know how to get out of hospital quicker than the first time and I know my way around but that isn't what is getting to me. It is this:

1st Time - all a rush, emergency surgery - cut the cancer out and evaluate the problem. 2 days after diagnosis - wow what a rush!

2nd Time - in for biopsies (what should happen this time) wake to find heavy surgery and cleaning up previous work, lots of other wok and some retrograde stuff. Hurts like hell, feel like sh1t and really mauled about this time. BUT - halted the problems, reviewed the diagnosis and hey, actually better prognosis than after first go.

3rd time - is that real? Did the treatment work? Is the cancer contained? Oh please that it is (if it isn't - we really don't want to go there). What happens next? Is it serious or is it maintenance?

I feel that it is all going to be good news and I feel well although I can feel my body starting to get ready for the hurt.

If it isn't good news, I'll be devastated of course but I WILL get over it. I just haven't factored that into my life plan at the moment. If it is good news then that is great but it will still impact my life in such a way that I will need to find flexible employment.

Anyway, I think it is totally natural to be so scared and apprehensive. I bet they look at my BP readings on Tuesday and comment about them. I mean - knowing what I've got to go through and expecting me to be calm, rational and reasonable about it just isn't going to happen. You can rationalise a bit but you can't fight your emotions with logic all the time.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

I draw the line at

Taking bets on the outcome of the tests. Come on guys. that is blacker than my Tee Shirt.

However, if there is still room I'd like £50 on................................

Just Plain Weird

I think that you have to acknowledge that if you know me - you'll have to come to this conclusion sooner rather than later.

My taste in films and music alone floor most. The absurdity of MY humour will get you if the former does not.

Tonight, I was considering the fate of the dinosaurs. Sat there eating their meal at their favourite restaurant (McDinos) and one turns to the others and asks whether they saw "Horizon" last night. "I mean, what are the possibilities of being wiped out by a gigantic asteroids and a caldera?"

If you thought that was funny - welcome to my world.

If you think that I should be locked up then join the others petitioning for that right now.

No I'm not going to tell you where to sign up of course. If I knew I'd sign up myself :-)

Cut Price

My friend's son is working in the urology department at the moment!

Should I take his kind offer and meet him in a lay-by and get the job done real cheap?

It's tempting n'est pas? Drive out for the evening. Park up in some country lane, Headlights flash in synchronisation with theirs. A quick move to park cars next door to each other. A movement of passengers from one car to the other (and equipment). Windows steamed up and suspension creaking.

Just as you are about to get your cheap cystoscopy, a rap on the window from the local constabulary and you end up being warned for indecent exposure - no matter that you were halfway through some complicated medical procedure! Damn....

Wag tells me that they charge for Catheterisation by the inch. For me they'll make an exception and do it by the millimetre. I don't know whether to be insulted or not?

Interesting e-mail

I got an e-mail or rather a private message which was rather nice - someone I don't know wishing me well. It puts a little smile on your face when you get one of those - RAOK - a Random Act of Kindness. Nice one!

Actually it has quite made my day thinking about it.

Selfish Streak

I said it before I think. You can be awfully selfish and awfully grumpy, awkward and downright instransigent. At least I find myself being like that. Not all the time just occasionally and I catch myself being a real pain in the arse sometimes.

Selfishness comes with the territory I feel. The rest is the anger working its way out. Bag man on the doorstep wants to sell me something - this time I didn't even give him the time of day. Told him straight that I knew what he had in the bag and that as far as I was concerned he'd be wasting his time trying to sell me stuff from it. I've seen these guys congregating in the local pub afterwards. Making a living - perhaps but they were banging back the beers at an alarming rate.

The flashes of utter rage and also prolonged anger get channeled elsewhere and confrontation and making your point forcibly are other occasional events. I've always had a bit of a sharp tongue anyway - these days I have to bite it really hard to stop myself launching into stuff and situations that just wind me up. I get far more wound up than I ever used to before. My high level of tolerance, even with people who defy the gene pool has evaporated.

Well you have been warned.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Someone Said that I was brave and

That they wouldn't know what to do if they had to go through what I am going through.

I don't think it is brave particularly. I think that you have an option to make the best of it, take the pragmatic approach. Attitude and positive thinking (of course you have doubts too) are all things you can lean on to get you through.

You learn to live with things pretty quickly I find. The key thing is to understand what you are being told, accept it (that is a hard thing) and then get on with it.

Each step is a little bit more of the story.

Day one - you have cancer but it isn't known how bad
Day two - we think it is bad
Day three - it isn't as bad as we first feared
Day four - we can do something about this now we have you under control

and so on. That is how it goes and it isn't brave it's just life. And that is the thing to celebrate. Until they threaten that it is going to go away from you - you really don't know how much of the time you have had you've wasted.

Blimey that was creepy

I just read that last post - creepy lyrics indeed

Anyway, if I wasn't worried enough about going in that time I don't suppose that made things an awful lot better.

I still have so much stuff to get done before I go in and suddenly next week is full up in the diary again.

I have no idea how I am going to get everything done but I suppose it is better that way.