Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Double Clear

Somewhere along the line, I missed that I had a scope last year....

Well, it must have been the late summer and the old problem reared its ugly head again.  When they insert the scope I'm certain that it hits the inside of my bladder leaving a small pink mark.  Anyway, this time even I had a look at the screen and we couldn't determine what it was.  It could have been the old scar but it was "just a mark" and so we decided that we would do a review in three months!  

Somehow we both missed it and I had another scope on the 11th March 2019 and this time, with two other Consultants I've never met before.  They were pretty good, the scope took a little longer than usual as I think one was learning and the other wanted a quick check.  However, no mark and perhaps being later in the day rather than first thing also meant that I was more hydrated than usual?  Arnica and paracetamol/ibuprofen taken as before and very little stinging or anything this time.  

Anyway, ALL CLEAR!!!  Great news and now easily 12 years clear.  Two past the magic 10-year marker and they'll see me in 6 months.  My Consultant was on holiday which is nice - she deserves it!

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