Friday, October 24, 2014

Flexible Cystoscopy - All Clear and No Stinging

I thought I'd write this quickly as for the first time ever, I've not had any stinging or any pain following my flexible Cystoscopy so maybe this may help for anyone in the future going through it.

Firstly, it is most important that you relax when having the procedure.  Today I was with my new friend and partner P who accompanied me (I normally go alone).  SHe is a very calming influence but we talked about yoga breathing and so I did my usual deep breathing exercises breath in, hold for a long slow count of three and slowly exhale.  Whilst I knew I was tense I made a real effort to de-stress as I went into the room.  Relaxing isn't easy I grant you but I'm an old campaigner now and I know what to expect.   

I use stress balls to grip onto but I relaxed my body.  It feels like you want to urinate when they put the scope in and so I just went with that as if I was urinating and just let it go.  Things were fine even my consultant noted how relaxed I was.  The whole procedure was over and done with - it was as usual uncomfortable but not painful.

P told me to use Arnica which is what she used with her eye operations.  I'm a bit of a sceptic but had two lots (2 tabs under tongue) last night, One lot first thing and one just before the procedure (alongside my usual 2 paracetamol and 2 ibuprofen).  I had two more as I was driving home and I have to say it seems to have worked wonders.  I have just been to the toilet and lo and behold no intense stinging at all.  You can feel it is different but no stinging which is amazing as I've never had that before.

So there we go - another 6 months, another all clear and life carries on - which is great.  

Wednesday, October 22, 2014


I popped around to see Mrs. F. who has sold the house and has found a new place, a lot smaller, to live in.  I feel bad about it but there you go, it's progress.  I had to be in attendance to make sure that the Piano was moved out and it has gone to its new home in Sussex.

I then had to go through a lot of my stuff to see what I want to keep and so on.  I've taken photos and so on to allow that to happen.  As Mrs. F. will move to a smaller place there is a lot of furniture that she just wont need - it wont fit and I'm not sure about the total cost of storage for it either.  It's a bit of a catch 22 as I want to keep my books but do I want to store the bookcases.  In a few months the cost of storage will reach the cost of buying new.... So I'm having to do an exercise to rationalise all these thoughts.  I do hope to keep the Victorian Table and Chairs - it seats 14 and is built, as were all things in those days, to last.  

At least things are moving on that front.

Judgement day looms and I hope that it goes well for what else can you do?  I'm not being as rigid with my diet as I should but I'm back to losing weight gradually and sensibly now that P is healthy and has put some weight back on.

I've also been lumbered with a number of little jobs that are stealing my time when I should be launching my business....  The worry is that the money I have left is evaporating a little too fast for my liking but it is controllable - just.  More effort after this week is essential.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Six Days to Judgment Day

Judgement Day (shamelessly stolen from Steve's blog HERE!) is just 6 days away.  I can feel the tension rising.  I know that I've actually not stuck as rigidly to my diet as I should have although I'm now getting back on track.  It's very difficult to be looking after someone and feeding them up and at the same time trying not to feed yourself up.

Both P and I have been in the wars as such and She will be attending Hospital the day before me to see how her Cataract Operation has worked out.  She doesn't think it is anywhere near an improvement which is a worry as after her Detached Retina Op, the Cataract grew rapidly :-(

The next morning it is my turn to get checked out.  I can feel some tension no matter how "well" I feel.  It is interesting though that for the past few weeks I've been having the hot flushes I had when I had treatment - that's weird indeed.

Life is indeed crazy and we were away this week to Cambridge to see L my youngest daughter's Graduation - which was a wonderful affair although she managed to send me to the wrong end of Cambridge altogether so I had to rush to get to the Ceremony in the centre where I hadn't long been before.  It was a day of being in the wrong place at the wrong time as P was then waiting for me in the centre of Cambridge and I was back on the outskirts as the second part of the celebrations were held on Campus.   

It is always nice to be in Cambridge though, I like it but I'm not sure I'd like to live there, it is just so busy with tourists, locals and of course, students.

Monday, October 13, 2014

What On Earth Has Happened To Me

My life is in utter turmoil - lol.  Goodness knows I don't know what day it is, what month it is or anything some days and the emotional roller coaster of being back in a relationship is not doing my INTJ personality any good at all.  

I'm not very good on the emotional (someone else's) point and things are often awkward and difficult as I just don't "get" what the problem is.  It's very difficult when you hear a statement and take it on board rather than emphasising with that person.  I mean, if you have a headache and tell me well that's a fact and that's that.  Apparently not!  I'm meant to do something with that data rather than just noting it.

Maybe I'll get the hang of that later on in the relationship.  It's pretty much up most of the time with the occasional OMG moments....

I'm sure it will be OK in the long run - if I ever work out what the signals actually are :-)

Thursday, October 09, 2014

Where is time going to?

Back from France, went up North to my cousin's for his 40th birthday then he came down here. P had her Cataract operation on Tuesday and now I've got my Flexible Cystoscopy on the 24th October at silly O'Clock - well it is 9:15 but it is at the same place I went to last time and so I need to make sure I get there on time.  It is a bit difficult as it is near Croydon which can be a bit busy at rush hour.

The last time I went was earlier this year and I got there nice and early and sat in the car with my music so it wasn't so sad.  This time P says she will come with me - not sure about that as I've been on my own many times before and I'm a bit quiet and grumpy - oh well let's see how that goes.