Monday, December 31, 2007

Another Resource

This is an excellent resource. I'd like to thank one of the people who kindly stopped by this site who obviously has a lot to do with putting together this excellent resource on Kidney and Bladder and the other related Cancers

Same but different

I looked back at last December's posts. There I am, still having problems getting to sleep and still thinking and wondering and planning. Mmmm, perhaps then there is a case here for letting things happen? My Mantra of "those who fail to plan, plan to fail" may be wearing a bit thin if, after all that planning last year, I failed anyway?

But, let's look on the bright side of this - last year I had Bladder Cancer, this year I don't have it any more. Last year it was a roll of the dice whether the treatment would work, now we know it did. I had a great job then, I don't have a job at all as far as I know. I can go and do what I want next year. Life is an opportunity this year coming not a lottery.

No matter what else has gone on, I need to remember and give thanks for the ability to even be here writing this blog on New Year's Eve 2007. Happy New Year to all in 2008.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Well that didn't work

I am still up at 23:35 and unlikely to get to sleep much earlier than a few hours time. I have been working on whether to submit a paper for a conference to be held in Chicago later this year.

I wrote an article some years ago and a fellow researcher has been urging me for a few years to submit this for review and if it gets accepted to go to Chicago and present the paper to a conference of international researchers. It would mean altering plans for holidays around but perhaps it may be worth thinking about.

I'm not sure if Chicago in August is quite what I was expecting - I was half hoping to be in New Zealand!

If my paper got accepted then I would give myself a big leg up in terms of wanting to follow my new research based career! It is a lot to ask of the family - a little selfish or self indulgent but I think I would really enjoy it.

Another night of sleep loss

I don't know why my mind wants to start undertaking massive calculations and what if scenarios as soon as I get to bed? It just does these things and I end up awake 3 hours later!

I am going to try very hard to get to bed early tonight and to not do any work before hand that gets my mind buzzing. It is so disruptive to my normal day as I end up sleeping in and then missing breakfast etc.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Back on subject

I suppose all these things going on have a bearing on my well being. However to get back to the subject and the bladder cancer and all of that. I was surprised that I felt like I was overheating at my friend's house the other day, I had to keep stepping outside as I was too hot. I get this a fair bit and I think it is the treatment. My immune system appears to be able to cope with people around me all having colds and so far, I haven't had one this year.

I find warm houses a problem and yet I have not found problems with hot days? Strange. I am still feeling tired and can fall asleep in my chair at almost anytime. I then go to bed feeling tired and get the thoughts rattling around and cannot get to sleep. That throws me out for the next day time wise and the cycle starts again.

Other than that, I feel OK but I know that I am neither fit nor what I would call well. By that I mean that I know I don't have cancer and that I am getting better each passing day but I am not fit, nor do I feel quite right - out of balance perhaps is the right way of saying it. I just feel not 100% If I were to put a figure on it I'd say 75%. Something isn't quite right and it may be everything getting to me at once, it may be an imbalance in the way my body is fighting one particular area of problems and other areas needs some TLC. Who knows? I think that I will just have to work slowly to tackle each area. Fitness, Diet, Physical and mental agility, whole boy wellness.

It is quite a peculiar thing to say that I don't feel completely right I suppose - but it really is as if there is something missing or something not in the right place. You can't put your finger on it and it isn't all the time. Often it is a malaise or melancholy but generally it is a listlessness or a form of procrastination. I know once I get myself up and out that I will enjoy going somewhere - I just sometimes don't want to get up and do anything.

I'm aware of these things so I can deal with them - I doubt that it is any different for anyone else coming out of an 18 month fight - I would think your whole body and your mind are shot to pieces with all the things that have happened to you. Trying to keep up appearances and lead a "normal" life are probably as taxing as anything else you do.

It will be interesting to see how I deal with this in the coming months.

An overactive mind

I seem to sleep during the day and lie awake at night. Last night I was running through the various scenarios for the potential litigation that I will be involved in at some point during the New Year. did I do everything right, have I acted to the spirit of the contract and all that good stuff. After 3 hours or so running the scenarios around in my head, challenging every possible defence and coming up with arguments for those I finally got to sleep. That must have been about 3 this morning.

It is one of those things I suppose - it isn't going to just go away and it needs to be faced and I am torn whether to just set to and spend a few weeks preparing the case or whether to wait and see what happens. Initially I am happy to let things take their course for the first week of the New Year as there are other forces at work and other creditors will be claiming their money. I can wait for that to happen and then make a decision or can strike first. Waiting is probably best but for no longer than a week.

I do find though that I am spending far too much brain power on that rather than on getting on with things here. Now that Christmas is over I can spend some time getting myself ready for 2008 and decide whether I take that career change or not. Tempting as it is to make the change - you and I know that it will take a lot of thought and planning to make sure that I can actually turn a buck doing it.

So that leaves me trying to work out ways not to keep consuming brain power on something that may or may not happen. It is a distraction I could do without at the moment. I just hope that the the situation gets resolved one way or the other and quickly too.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Still tired

It really takes it out of me - I am nowhere near as fit as I was a year or two back. Someone suggested it was the Statins I am taking as they have gradually felt more tired the longer they have been on them. I'm not convinced - I do get some of the side effects and so perhaps I ought to consider this in the future. I will get back to a regime of gradually building up my exercises again in the new year and hope that it helps me to overcome some of these periods of fatigue. Perhaps it is still the "healing process" going on? Who knows, all I do know is that I am pretty lucky that I don't have to continue this round of parties and eating and drinking for too much longer now. The last one for a while is this afternoon and once that is out of the way I can perhaps just take a long rest.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

A Call from US, NZ and some good news

Great to hear a few distant relatives (in terms of miles) on Christmas day. That cheered me up so much I had my Uncle on the phone from the US and my cousins from New Zealand. Christmas day was one of cooking and looking after my guests. They all seemed to have a great time and it was nice to get some "time off for good behaviour" with the phone calls from the family.

Today we went to my sister in law's house for Boxing day afternoon tea. It is close to midnight, I am back and feeling very tired now. I intend to get some time off tomorrow but we have yet another evening of celebrations tomorrow! I wonder if I can take the sheer level of food and drink battering :-)

Monday, December 24, 2007

Gammon is done

The vegetables are prepared and just the last minute things to do on my check list and all will be ready for Christmas Day. Later, as we have done for every year for the last 17 we will be off to our friend's house. The children have all grown up together and so for 17 years they have met up at Christmas Eve and we have started Christmas off with bang.

When the children were younger we would get home about 9 - nowadays we are lucky if we get home at 1 or 2 in the morning!

It is always a great evening out and there is always far too much food and drink available. Once we are on our way then we will know Christmas has begun properly.

I'm pleased to be celebrating yet another Christmas. I feel very humbled that two of my fellow warriors who were diagnosed about the same time have died this year. I shall take some time out to remember them tonight at about 9 pm.

At Last

The new keyboard and mouse have arrived and suddenly things are a lot better and the typing actually comes out how you type it! Nice one.

It takes a bit of getting used to but a wireless keyboard does mean you can move around a little which is great.

The Mouse also works well being an optical one so you don't need a mouse mat and it works on about any surface.

Well that should keep me busy for a while. Well it is Christmas Eve and there is work to be done. not least of which is working out how to set up DVD RW disks for recording TV on and also to go and prepare the food for tomorrow. I also spend the afternoon preparing the Gammon and other such things.

Best wishes for Christmas to all.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Career Changing Thoughts

I have been giving some serious thought to this changing career move I reckon I could actually do this given my determination and also a serous desire now to get out of all the trappings of the rat race. It still makes me see red that people take your service and don't pay the bill. I expect that later next year they wont be quite so smug about having done that The trouble is the sheer amount of effort you have to go to to get back what is after all yours in the first place.

Whether pursuing your dreams or having a vocation actually puts money in your pocket at a rate enough to provide for the family still needs to be worked out. I intend to do plenty of work on whether it is feasible over the next few weeks. I hope to inject a serious amount of realism into the plan but if I can I will branch out into a researcher for family and local history. That would encompass a lot of the experience I already have together with my interest in the subject. If I could get paid to undertake research for those who cannot get to the archives we have in abundance in London, then it would be great as I could pursue my passion for History with a job I'd adore doing.

Now to see if the numbers actually fit together :-)

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Saturday and letting go of work

Time to be getting on with life, the universe and all of that!

I have pulled out all the Christmas CDs and started playing those and need to sort out last minute thing along the way such as food preparation and I must get around to putting up the Christmas lights. We have a problem every year in that my wife has a birthday very close to Christmas (it happens every year) and so we don't really get into Christmas until about now. That means that everything is left and we end up cramming a lot into the few days before. At least we aren't sitting around I suppose?

I have ground my own coffee beans and made some real coffee today which has cheered me up no end. I like coffee but have been very careful about how much I consume since diagnosis. I am now a moderate drinker of strong espresso or just filter coffee and we get the strong small French beans which have been roasted to a dark black. Nice :-) I used to drink far too much of this stuff and the filter would be on all day!

So - I am working on slowing down, relaxing and letting go of the baggage I am carrying from this enterprise. I'll see if that is possible over these next few days.

We have a house full on Christmas Day which will be nice. I am looking forward to cooking the meal and to having a sleep later on :-)

Friday, December 21, 2007

Now to get on with Christmas

It has taken until the 21st December to get to a position of standing still and finally there is a way forward for the business which means that the almost start again Which is a shame for them as in about 6 months time this will all happen again and they'll need more money or more time.

So, time to shut down the PCs and take a week or two off from worrying about it. I'm sure all the troubles will be there in 2008, it is just that I won't need to worry about them by then - apart from endeavouring to get my money back through the courts or liquidator.

It is the season of goodwill towards men - meaning all men (and women of course) - and yet I feel an exception or two appearing on my list! I tend to hope that the lives these people have wrecked come to them in their dreams or that somehow they will get a Scrooge like visitation of past, present and future and realise that through their greed and selfish actions they will be bringing destruction on themselves in the future. But then I was was an idealistic and a bit of a romantic about such things. I think everyone gets their just deserts - perhaps thee guys have to live with it every time they look in a mirror? I really do hope so.

Entering a new phase

That is the view so far. Some are for it, some against it and the dice have been rolled and they can make up a new business and move on.

Great, that means that they can decide what to do about my contract and then we can get on and sort this out once and for all.

At least there has been some movement and we can all get on with our lives again.

A Good Old Moan

I was out with a friend of mine and we had a good old fashioned moan and bitching session about where I find myself now and also where he also found himself.

We had a few laughs I have to say. Both of us were at another venture a few years back that had similar problems and both of us lot time and money and had to build up again. I was relatively lucky in that one as I only had a small amount "owing".

The fun really got going when I was explaining part of the problem and it suddenly became clear to me that there was an even worse problem that had arisen about the way the company had undertaken its business and what it was about to do. They cannot make a clean break and dash off into the distance as they would effectively take the debts of the first company with the new one. I am certain no one has spotted this so far and believes that they can take away the intellectual property of the old business and make it the new businesses without the necessary value being placed on it.

I wish I had pursued a career in Law - the things that these guys are doing would fill a shelf :-)

They are all in conversation today about saving the business and I imagine that they will hear bad news from the investors and will need to rethink their position. They have blindly gone off believing their own spin and now - finally - they may "get it".

Again, I keep getting contacted and people want to drag me back to the undertow. I'm watching from a distance, vulture like, to see what I can rescue from the situation as one of the creditors.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

A year ago and an interesting review

I looked back at my posts from a year ago. My - life was different then. I was having sleepless nights, wasn't particularly right physically and was wondering about 2007 and what I was going to do.

The year has been great really - soured by recent goings on but other than that to have the clear announcement really is the best thing that could have happened. Sure, getting the insurance money was a bonus too and that just allows us to consolidate everything. Heaven forbid that this comes back - but unfortunately it can - and we have to be ready for that, but at the moment, I've got the all clear. I know a lot of people who would rather have that than the position they are in now.

I think that after a year I have changed. I am not sure I like myself as much now as I feel that I am being more selfish than I ever was in the past. I've always gone out of my way to give my time and help people and I find myself holding back these days and not offering to help as much and taking more of a back seat. I don't like doing it but feel I must. Some of my relationships with friends are being strained - it could be me, work or just that this is the collateral damage I always thought would happen as I turn into a "cancer warrior"? A guy I know who survived cancer welcomed me to the "League of Extraordinary Gentlemen" the other day. The survivor's bond is a strange fellowship. Those who haven't had cancer probably wont "get it". A friend who almost died from DVT did get it... I don't suggest you try it unless forced to!!

I still can't quite come to terms with things at the moment. I do feel that now is a major turning point as the business (not mine) crashes down and self destructs around me. Someone suggested teaching - I am looking at becoming a lecturer and I am waiting to hear more about that. I fancy historical and family research to be the thing that I would like to do in the net 10 years. It isn't going to make me rich though but then again, the last venture was going to do that and never did.

You have to kiss a lot of Frogs until you find a Prince!

You don't know how lucky you are

A true statement I find. Someone know just had their daughter die - taken ill one day, dead the next Another person, got the news that their cancer has spread.

A healthy dose of reality is needed occasionally to re-focus my mind onto important things. We all make the mistake of thinking that sometimes trivial things are important when perhaps, it isn't those we should be concentrating on. I don't know many people who can live that way - I don't and yet I have enough reminders to make me do so.

Perhaps my mid life crisis or knowing what is right and resisting changing to follow what I should be doing?

The case of the missing "S"

I hope to soon have a new keyboard. This one has a sticky "S" and it doesn't always work properly meaning I have to go back and edit my posts (or pots). So if something has looked strange these past 4 weeks or so - now you will know what it is.

I have a new keyboard on order.

I have just had to invest in a new printer. This new printer has cost me less than the purchase of 2 of the 4 required cartridges for my old printer. It is cheaper to buy a completely new printer and run that than to use the old one - which at two years old has now had its day! I'm not sure how environmentally friendly that is but commercially it makes sense for me to replace this new printer after the second set of cartridges I put into it. I hasten to add that these are laser printers, ink jets cost far more to run. I also get cash back on the purchase of my new printer meaning that it cost less than £150 to get a really decent colour duplexing laser printer! Amazing!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Tidying up my mind

Needs to be done. I have so much stuff buzzing around that I need to get rid of all of the past stuff and give myself room for the new stuff.

The new ideas for next year are formulating in my head now and I need to spend time testing my assumptions and the market to make sure that they are indeed viable and that I am not kidding myself that a market exists for my services when it may not do.

On the health front I met up with some people that I hadn't seen for ages and everyone said how well I looked. I suppose that is true. I do feel remarkably well these days.

The stress of the past months is going away a bit but it remains to be seen quite what the business decides to do as whether or not I get paid will materially depend on whether or not they continue trading.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Leave it out and leave me alone

After giving me such a hard time and even publishing one of the worst personal attacks I have ever read, today I get a phone call in which they are trying to pave the way for me to come back to the table and start negotiating again????

Are these people insane? The biggest difficulty with these things is that you can never get a clear break from things. I am actually trying to get the hell away from it all before it explodes. I am also trying desperately to get that space you need between the disappointment of one thing and to give me the time to get enthusiastic about the next thing I want to do. Constantly having reminders about what should and should not have happened - it is all a bit too late for that.

Apparently the deadline has been extended to this Friday for a decision. Perhaps after that - the thing can die and everyone else can move on.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Two days and no posts

Stunning. I did get away from it this weekend and feel a bit better for that. I am trying to leave the last couple of months worth of trouble behind me and we were out on Friday and it was my wife's birthday yesterday so we did nothing - no work, no cooking or anything just had a lazy day.

It was tempered by news of a friend whose daughter died unexpectedly last week, taken ill on Wednesday, died on Thursday of bacterial meningitis. An awful tragedy as she was quite young. That put it all back into perspective for me on Saturday morning after not having the best of weeks.

Work can go to hell as far as I am concerned - and they probably will this week by the looks of it. The cold sweat of just how deeply in trouble they are is dawning on them. In an attempt to shoot the messenger and have a go at me, the management (although I doubt you would call it that if you met it) have managed to drive people that they need away from the negotiation table and send them scurrying off to the hills. I have to sit back now and watch it happen, I have written off getting any money back and I'm sure not going to get any of the time back!

Time - that is the thing that has been giving my mind such a work out. I wondered why I was so angry about everything and it is that - someone has wasted 7 months of my time when I could have been doing something more important, constructive, enjoyable etc.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Give it a rest

I certainly intend to do that this weekend. Tonight we are off to a Black Tie do locally and the menu looks great - well it isn't Christmas Fare!

Champagne reception and wine included I am looking forward to spending some quality time amongst friends. Apart from the Christmas festivities themselves - I am out next Monday and that is my lot.

Today I have been working out what I want to do next year and have started gathering detailed information to work out a business plan. I'm not going to say too much about it right now. It is something that I have always wanted to do. If I can make money doing it and, I might even be able to get an academic qualification on the back of it too, I shall be delighted. It would satisfy my want to follow a more controlled and academic career - one perhaps I should have followed from school days. That is a long story too. Anyway, let's see how the number crunching and business plan turn out.

So back to tonight - just about to go and get ready and then a relaxing evening, nothing to do tomorrow except write cards and start the winding down process.

So this new job

I think it needs to have nothing at all to do with medicine or anything (you know) downstairs :-)

I suppose I could go and work in a shop - but unsuspecting Joe Public and I would come to blows over some sort of trivia I have no doubt.

I think that I still have too much pent up anger to do anything in customer relations or help desk or anything like that.

Philanthropy probably wont pay the bills.

Journalism? Possibly - I don't like the way I write particularly but I could perhaps change that?

Go back to being an Electrician - my - I wonder if I could even remember how to do that after all these years? Good tradesmen are always difficult to find.

Oh well - I imagine that all of this will shake itself out in the next few weeks. I grow tired of corporate incompetence and all the self serving, self centred, ignorant and dangerous people. The good bit? I have met some really nice people with great ideas, strength and enthusiasm and we have had a good laugh along the way as well. A silver lining in that amongst all the greed and excesses of human behaviour these guys were beacons of humanity.

I have found it, if I cannot be chief test pilot for Mother Care then I could perhaps be head of Quality Control at a Brewery? Nice job....

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Looking forward

I am trying to get away from all this nonsense but keep getting dragged back - I suppose that the reality is that I can walk away but the idiots who remain need to have a go or keep throwing rocks at me. The sooner they sort themselves out (next Monday I believe) the sooner they can move on and I can.

I intend to keep an eye open for the next few weeks and see what transpires and then to perhaps completely change my profession next year. I'm getting far too old for all this constant hassle and ego games that appear to take the place of business acumen and sense. It wears me down and I neither want or in fact deserve any of it.

So, what to do? It has to be something pretty neutral and that pays the bills. I fancy doing research or something totally different - I'm fed up of having to sort out problems (I've been troubleshooting for 30 years) and no matter what I do - people are stupid enough to get themselves into bother even when you tell them how to get out of it or tell them not to get into it in the first place.

So perhaps chief test pilot for Mother-care or something similar may be worth trying for?


It wasn't quite how I planned things. I decided that I ought to go to bed early and so get some sleep and just make a break of things. Overnight roadworks did it for me! Pneumatic hammer going off well into the early hours of the morning and next to no sleep for 4 hours.

At least I managed to rationalise yesterday's news and sort out a way forward from there.

I think I will give going up to London a miss this afternoon as it looks as if the roadworks will be back and also I am tired enough as it is this morning.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Now the truth comes out

The end game indeed - these guys are now not going to pay for any of the work I did.

At least I can get the hell out of it now and start to sort my life out. I think that they might have made a wrong choice deciding to not pay anything. We shall see how big their lawyers are I suppose.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Hardly worth holding my breath for

The much awaited "way forward" from the business arrived and addresses none of the major issues nor the short term cash flow problems and dresses up and spins its way around using words like "key to our success" but never quite explaining how that would be achieved.

It looks as if the business will continue but it will stagger towards its goals and never be fully comfortable with itself nor be able to function properly given the way it now presents itself. Most investors will, I am sure, move away and go and do something else. I'm not fussed either way now. I've gone past the caring bit and am almost past the worrying part too now.

Someone said that "I didn't need this given all the things that had happened to me" - maybe that is true but it has taken my mind off things. What I am happy about is that I have met a lot of interesting people whilst doing this and I am going to look forward to working with them in the future.

I think the next few days will see the levels of apathy increase (if that can actually happen of course!!) the investors are drifting away now and the end game is truly in sight as those with the money leave and those who have already invested and have sunk cost brace themselves for the storm coming. Cash is king in these situations and many people have to consider digging deeper into their pockets to maintain their investment - not nice.

Time to move on and 2008 looks to be an interesting year. I can look forward to building on a foundation of steadily improving health and can invest my time into projects and opportunities that I want to be involved in.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Fatigue and combating it

I was speaking to someone yesterday who reckoned that I was suffering from what some might call a sort of post traumatic stress syndrome. well I suppose that could be true. I think it is a combination of things and one of them is the utter relief of the outcome of the cancer clear prognosis. I hadn't considered how much you fight this thing mentally until I thought about what she said to me.

I have often said that you need to use your mind to help you and that it was always two battles. The mind is powerful and if you can imagine that there is a constant dialogue going on about whether or not you feel up or down, accept or deny what is happening, psyche yourself up or down to take good or bad news etc, you must be using up massive amounts of your reserves to fight your cancer with your mind. Additionally lets consider the physical side too.

I'm a relatively fit 50 year old and have been doing some exercise but - the impact on your body isn't one of wasted muscles and can't really be seen - they certainly stir up you insides around your bladder area. I'm sure that your whole balance is shot to pieces and with Immunotherapy actually making your body fight the cancer (or keep it away) the other areas of your body are totally out of balance with that.

Anyway, I am coming to the conclusion that at the end of this week I am switching off and I am going to take some more time for myself. I am sure that all I need is to turn off the computers, get my walking boots on and enjoy some of the local countryside, a few pints of real ale next to an open fire and also to get into the Christmas mood too.

It isn't easy to switch off but it is something I must do.

The 2nd Christmas Lunch

Out of the way - we had a lovely time and it really was a good meeting with over £1000 raised for charity as well.

My third in as many days awaits later today and it will take my mind off of the disappointment of the past few weeks with the job.

We might actually know later on today what they are going to do about things.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Tired and Weary

It is amazing just how tired I am feeling. I am absolutely certain that this is the the relief of the situation and the job and everything else all coming to roost.

I want to get on and do things and I am dragging myself around to do other things as well. I could sleep for a week but I am not sure it would sort this malaise out.

I am going to try and come to terms with this down the week.

A Good Day

Despite the rain which fell down as I was half way to the station. Despite that I did have a great time. The icing was to win the raffle - I won a gallon of Whisky - 4.5 Litres! I was pretty impressed with that - it should provide me with headaches for many years to come!

I managed to catch the second to last train home and there was hardly anyone on the train and the rain has stopped by the time I got home.

I am feeling a little tired now though - We are off out for Christmas meal number 2 in a few minutes. I have another one tomorrow! Three in three days - I will be sick of the sight of Turkey by Christmas.

However, I need to work on this fatigue - I am certain that it is the job and the worry of it all. Time off - that is what is needed.

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Rain and Public Transport

Annoying is what it is. I live a fair way from the station and today, of all days, no one is around to drop me off to the station and the rain and wind are coming in. It is just typical!

So - that said - I hope to arrive not too much like a drowned rat to what is always a lovely Christmas meeting and just relax for the afternoon.

It doesn't matter how much I convince myself that work doesn't matter I still keep thinking about it so I do hope that I can lose myself this afternoon and not worry about it.

Friday, December 07, 2007

Lunch and onwards

My friend and I had lunch today and hardly talked about our health - which is great as we talked about work and futures and other things and at last I felt good again. I feel sick to my stomach over the business side of things as it look totally shady and dodgy to me now.

Not to worry too much about it I can get on and do something else now. I have almost decided that unless there is some compelling event to make me want to stay there that I shall move on and do something different. I have the diary from hell for the next week. I am actually out every day except Wednesday! A lot of that is at Christmas events. I start tomorrow with a Lodge meeting, then a family lunch on Sunday, another Lodge meeting on Monday, out with school chums Tuesday, Wednesday is a rest day - Thursday is with some old work colleagues and Friday is a black tie do locally. I also have a meeting on the 17th to go to as well. The trouble is I may not make something else I have planned that evening.

At least it will take my mind off of my present troubles.

Tired and Fed Up now

I'm getting mighty fed up with the uncertainty of the situation with work at the moment. Every time they attempt to "communicate" they make things worse. Divide and Rule and blatant self protection are key components of their strategy (if indeed they have one).

All this does is make everyone more anxious and it wears me down as I get no nearer to finding out if they will pay me or indeed whether they have the ability to pay me. They are a little perplexed why I don't appear to be wanting to do any work at the moment? Working with amateur and little people wasn't where I wanted to be but here I am and like many I am pretty annoyed that they can't deal with the situation they got themselves into.

I hardly need the pressure and I am now working out ways to get on and do something else as I don't see much of a future there.

I said I'd give this venture 6 months and funnily enough at 6 months all looked great. It is less than 3 weeks ago that the business shot itself in the foot and brought itself to its knees. So at 7 months - perhaps the ideal is to get on and out of this and move on to something that I might enjoy and something that I can get on and do myself and not have to deal with amateurs.

I need to still work on how tired I feel - it is in no short measure due to me having to keep working through strategies for a business that - at the end of the day - looked at them and decided to take the illogical route out. I think they have caused me to lose enough sleep and caused me enough worry. I just need to go and take some rest and build myself up for something new in the New Year.

Thursday, December 06, 2007


I am so tired. I have been yawning all day and just wanting to get to sleep. Unfortunately I cannot for the moment as I am waiting for a phone call and a delivery. The last thing I need to do is miss either.

I'm guessing that this is the culmination of the past month's stresses and strains and - it wouldn't surprise me - if it was also something to do with the great relief that not having cancer means. Perhaps you build up a level of stress or you are "fighting" by that I mean you are standing up to things mentally and physically and this may be a wave of relief as well as the reaction to the stress of the business over the past few weeks.

I will try and get some more rest and also to get away from thinking about work for a while. The fatigue is marked though, I really feel drained and so I suppose it is lucky in a way that I am not spending time on the road and driving around the country.

Picking up and moving on

This is what I could be doing from anytime in the next week or so. I'm waiting to hear whether the business will continue or not. If it does, what my part will be - if any.

It is all rather surreal at the moment. It is a no-mans land of indecision and posturing between business and investors. As long as they keep at this - nothing really gets settled. If they get anything settled this week or next we wont be able to move ahead until January anyway.

I'm sort of sat here doing nothing much as the situation could all change at any minute. Realistically, I probably need to be planning for my next job though as if it goes on any longer, the chances of being able to rebuild get more distant.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Jazz Night

My goodness - I have been going to the Jazz night for 19 years :-(

Next May marks the 20th Anniversary of us going to the Jazz night and it was just before we moved into the house we live in now. Blimey - I was just 31 years old when I first went So many people have come and gone. My friend - who invited us to start with would have been retired 20 years next year he tells me!

EEEeeeeekkk. I am getting old :-) and so is he.

I cannot believe that I have been going out on the 1st Wednesday in the month (most of the time) for a Trad Jazz evening for the best part of 19 years - now that is a commitment.

It is a great night out and just an escape from every day stuff. Cheap beer and a really nice bunch of people and good live music. You cannot fail than to be uplifted by it.

Long may I continue to go and enjoy it. The trouble is the band only comprises one member from the original bunch now!

Ongoing Side Effects

This is the ongoing side effects not the ones you get at the time which are (or can be) severe. I've spoken about these before. The BCG side effects seem to be that these days I am quite warm. It feels as if my body temperature is up a degree or two but it isn't. I wonder if my circulation is better perhaps? I certainly feel warm and find warm rooms uncomfortable to sit in. I need to have fresh air or a cool room.

Colds - I am probably tempting fate here. I don't think I have had a cold since July 2006! I certainly don't remember having anything other than a runny nose perhaps and I was really worried about catching things off the children when I was having treatment and I never did.

Tired - I think that may be through work - last night I slept the whole night and so I was pleased with that.

Visiting the toilet a lot - I didn't need to get up during the night which is the other side effect. I go to the loo more than ever when I am in treatment and for a few weeks afterwards. The problem is that it can be every 30 minutes and so planning is essential. I can probably last 2 hours now but it is very noticeable that dashing to the toilet every 30 minutes is the norm!

Aches and Pains - Not really painful but more nagging and twinging reminders and a general uncomfortable feeling. I can't wear tight trousers and so have now graduated from jogging bottoms to elasticated waist trouser. I should be alright next week for getting back into something like normal clothes.

So a list of the problems - none of them that bothersome.


I got back and just missed the delivery man who was dropping off some good I have bought. Hopefully he will be along tomorrow and drop it off.

Well it was a nice day with my parents and I suddenly realised that I must have lost about 1/2 stone or possibly more in the month since I last saw them. I think the treatment and also the stress I have been under must be attributed some of that.

Visiting your parents is great a I still get spoilt so I can forget calories, Cholesterol and the like. Glad I didn't get any Castor Oil or Cod Liver Oil thrust down my throat though.

Monday, December 03, 2007

Off tomorrow

To my parents for a couple of days. I've had enough of the last month and all the positioning and politics and nonsense and I realised just how tired it has made me and fed up too.

A few days just doing nothing else will take care of it.

As someone once said the problems will still be there later this week and probably next week too. They got themselves into the mess and they can get themselves out of it.

Some interesting stuff on this web site

If you can stomach it that is.

The Site is here

It actually shows you someone getting treated with BCG - so I'd suggest that you only watch the video if you really are OK with squeamish stuff.

Other than that it is a very interesting web site.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

So when do you start feeling good about yourself?

I ask this only in as much as today, probably for the first time since I got the clear (1st November), I can actually sit down, without a pile of work to do that I haven't and probably wont get paid for and just think about myself and my health.

All that has happened since I got the news has been just about the most ridiculous and basic management blunders that I have been running to fix and when I fix one, they rip open something else and I go and fix that. Well, the end game is afoot on that in the next few weeks. I am leaving them to it and will spend my time working out quite what I want to do next. They robbed me of my celebrations and the last 3 BCG treatments were a bit of a respite and a good excuse not to get too involved, travel around and just get agitated with some of the morons who have brought the business to its knees.

So what about today then? Well - in all the chaos - I see that it is now December. I haven't bought one present, written one card, or done the yearly newsletters either. Ooopps! So I reckon that one of the first things to do today is to work out my time for the next couple of weeks and to set aside plenty of time to do those. I need to wade through the wreckage that is my office. There are piles of unfiled papers which need putting away properly, post it notes are everywhere and I need to consolidate all the things they say to do and make one definitive list of to dos.

And relax and party are on my list of things. I haven't relaxed and partied and celebrated and generally been able to feel good about myself and I feel cheated over that. Luckily, a number of friends have lined up some outings in London and locally so I am looking forward to spending some good days and evenings out with them.

It is about time that I got selfish - I intend to do that.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Off for a nice evening

I hope so anyway - to a friend's house for drinks and some food - he is an excellent Chef so we can be assured of nice food and good company too. I could do with that after the last couple of weeks of turmoil.

It has been a month since I got the good news and I don't think I have stopped working, losing sleep and worrying since then. Tonight will be a real break from all of that.

DO I feel a weight lifted?

In a way, now that I have resigned part of my duties I do. Of course, now there are people whinging that I resigned! Perhaps they should have thought about that earlier. Anyway, as it was, I didn't have much in the way of a choice really.

I'll feel a lot better in a few days time I am certain. By then there should be a consensus on a way forward and perhaps many will have taken a "reality pill" and come back down to earth.